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Mind your bees wax

I was going around the garden enjoying the sunshine and smelling the flowers, as you do, and could hear the buzzing from the cotoneaster from a couple of yards away. It’s come into blossom and is a huge favourite for the bees. They were busy buzzing from flower to flower and gave me a great opportunity to get some pics.

Look at the veining on the wings. They look like cathedral windows. Love the fuzzy jacket. If you’re very gentle, you can stroke a bumble bee. I have. I use my little finger and stroke with the side rather than the finger tip and just stroke the fuzzy jumper area-keeping right away from that abdominal posterior… 🙂

The cotoneaster is covered with tiny blossoms so there were loads of flowers to pay a visit to.

Time for the off. Chocs away! Pretty much a vertical takeoff – they don’t have the sleek aeronautic physique of a Harrier jump jet but  they’re efficient and manoeuvre with amazing agility.

Remember the bag of wooly bits I ordered from Amazon for stuffing the rabbits and Tilda dolls? It arrived today.

It’s huge! Ignore the mess. I tidy up when I’m finished but leave everything out until I’m done.

Time to finish stuffing Tilda’s legs and body and get her done. Stuff to do!  🙂

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