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I downloaded a free Tilda bunny pattern and had great fun making them. They’re very easy and loved making the little clothes. Each one was made in an evening – how simple and fun is that?!

You’ll recognise the grey gingham check from Ikea? I have enough to cover a battle ship with it but still really like it. Unlike Ikea. I never like Ikea.The orchestrated walk-through is really meant as a one-way system so becomes a right battle if you want to go back, counter to the on-coming ‘traffic’ at which point it becomes somewhat surreal with a feeling of being trapped in The Prisoner village. You know the one? Where Patrick Magoohan found himself when he resigned from the secret service and they wanted to brainwash/deprogramme/lobotomise him (or something like that).

Protest as much as you like about being a free man and not a number, the staff are indifferent, if you can find any. They are issued with stealth cloaks of invisibility to avoid detection. Until you get to the self-service check outs. You’ll find some there, alright, with faces set like wheel clamps softened with the empathy of a bolt cutter.

It’s a ghastly experience. But it IS pretty cheap and some of the stuff there is truly fab. So, it’s a devil’s bargain. We went Sunday morning and shopped around a bit.  It was heaving. Apparently, Christmas trees, real ones, were being sold at €35, which, again, apparently, is a Very Good Price. And they have a Santa’s Grotty by the escalator. All big crowd-pullers.

Luckily we had our list and knew the route (better the devil you know) so got what we came for and scooted off.  I don’t know which circle of hell it was but we got out of there within 40 mins. Sonic Sneakers and Ikea GPS. And no sign of Rover, the big white Prisoner capture balloon, we were happy to note.

Hickey’s had a Black Friday 20% off weekend and so we made a quick detour and bought some nice bits and bobs. Rotary blades, embroidery floss, needles, ribbons…. just lots of bits. Lovely.

Going back to the Tilda’s – I made this little guy first. Couldn’t believe how quick he was to make. And the end result is very rewarding. The hardest part is getting the stuffing in so the rabbit isn’t lumpy like it’s got cellulite, oedema  or other medical conditions requiring surgical stockings and diuretics.

The only problem was stitching around the outline of the pattern pieces. I used an air-drying invisible pen and to my consternation the pen markings vanished before I could do a full circuit of each piece. Still, the pattern is relatively forgiving and let me follow my nose a bit and he still turned out a little smasher.

*** For those of you  who don’t know, Tilda patterns are outline-stitched then cut around afterwards to create the seam allowance***

Now to turn the rabbit into Christmas angels with gift bags. That’s the plan.

And, hey, it’s the first of December!!! OMG. The clock is ticking and it’s countdown.

Time to marzipan The Cake!!! *Excited pants dance*


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