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Table runner – Free PDF tutorial

Made the table runner Friday / Saturday. Not that it was hard to do. Quite the contrary. It was lemon squeezy. I had lots of other things to do and they took priority. I will write up the tutorial for you, tomorrow or Wednesday. First, I have a 3D church model to complete. Just want to change the windows then the design side will (fingers crossed) be done and I can cut and make it up.

The table, chairs and tablecloth are all a bit… old fashioned. I am keeping my eyes peeled for some vintage table cloths. Obviously old fashioned in a very ‘IN’ a retrospective way. Hand embroidered… but may have to make my own…. groan. More stuff to do. Have finished sewing some scatter cushions to go with it. They just need stuffing and closing now – oh – and the covered button for the centre.

The chairs are to be painted. Sanded down, sugar soaped and painted. Probably cream. Maybe distressed. Not sure. Mr Tree isn’t keen on the shabby chic look. But they have to wait in the queue. The things to be painted are stacking up. And we’re both getting a bit fed up with ‘All work and No Play’. You saw what happened to Johnnie in The Shining?

See the orange blossom in the glass bottle? My friend brought that round to me – isn’t it pretty?! And the bottle suits it perfectly. Good job she did call. I’ve been nurturing some very big weeds thinking they were flowers. She knows about these things and did a tour round the garden telling me which growing things were interlopers, those opportunists not even giving me ground rent, and those worthy blooms that should give me pleasure to see.

I have a bunch of ??? something. And it has been burgeoning with buds for what seems like forever now. But, like a bag of chips and a box of Milk Tray teasing Tantalus. Always so nearly but never quite. Just taunting and tantalising me. Or Red Dwarf and The Agony of the soul that searches out the Truth:

HIGH KRYTEN: But the Truth is elusive.
HIGH LISTER: It flits like a firefly through the cold night of the soul. Teasing, confusing.
HIGH KRYTEN: And Agony, in torment, searches forever in vain.

Maybe I’m not really in agony, just kept waiting. A bit. Maybe I’m just a bit impatient. But..they’re still not bloody out and I look every day! Maybe tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled and check back for the church that will be posted in SVG format later this week.

In the meantime, try your hand at a table runner. You’ll need to subscribe to download the PDF but it’s easy and the tutorial is free:

FREE Table Runner Tutorial PDF:  FREE Table Runner Tutorial PDF


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