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Threadneedle Bits

This is the second spool that’s been given a wrap in hand stitched embroidered linen. See the previous post if you want to look at the first.

The sun is blazing down and the lawns are looking browned off. I walked across it this morning and it made a crispy sound like walking on toast. Can’t believe I’m saying this but… I wish it would rain. One good downpour…

The lawn daisies are doing fine. They look like they’re enjoying the sunshine.

Gracie loves to sit and stare at this corner of the garden. On the other side of the hedge is my neighbour’s compost heap. I can’t tell her, she’d freak out and not in an 80’s disco kind of way, if I told her she regularly has mice living in it. Gracie knows. She pounces on them and loves to trot the poor things in all a-dangle by their tails. I’ve distracted her here. Normally she sits with a sphinx-like intense stare to pick up on the slightest mouse rustle or squeak.

The Hebe was attracting the bees, as usual. It was all-a-hum with their morning psalms. Here’s Sister Belinda singing to herself and collecting pollen.

Look at her lovely bottom! But then, they ALL have lovely bottoms. (BTW – I didn’t get picked to enter the Lovely Girls Competition last week. Two women and a man were chosen. The winner got a dinner for two – a couple of tubs of Pot Noodles, the two runner ups got breakfast for two – two individual mini packs of cereal. Great evening, great laugh).

Beatrice Bee

Dr Fitzpatrick got back to me this morning. Beatrice bee isn’t a Wool Carder Bee but one of the leafcutter bees:

That is a solitary bee – it’s one of the leafcutter species (Megachile). They cut circular bits of leaf or petal and bring them back to their nests to line the cells. They are cavity nesters – they make their nest in hollow stems or existing holes in wood or concrete. These are the kind that will use the bee nest boxes that you can buy in garden centres. We have 6 species of leaf cutter bees in Ireland. Unfortunately I can’t say which Megachile species you have from just the photo.

Not too disappointed. All bees are beautiful. I tried to get pics of a red-bottomed belle this morning but she wouldn’t sit still long enough.

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