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Beaded and Bobbled

Heylo! I couldn’t resist making a couple of black and white Samsara birds to go with the new bedside cabinets. Here’s one. No poly stuffing just lots of dried lavender to fill out the body. The fragrance is lovely. I made use of my beading foot to stitch a line of iridescent clear beads around it and then stitched some dangly bobbles around the outside. She’s now hanging in the bedroom from some wrought iron candle holders and sets them off beautifully.

Here’s the Singer machine. The machine itself has lost a fair bit of the gilt decal but is still handsome. When not in use, the machine is stored inside the frame – it has an ingenious mechanism that allows it to rotate out of view and sit upside down out of the way and let the lid sit flat when closed.

The wood is too dark for my taste so over the next week or two, it will be dismantled and painted egg-shell white (same as for the bedside cabinets) and then re-assembled. The iron work is lovely and I’ll simply give it a rub over with some lamp blacking.

Hmmm, somebody is giving it a quick inspection. Cats are like Customs Officers. Did you pack this Singer Sewing Machine yourself? Did you leave it unattended anywhere? I assured her that it had been properly brought to the house but she had to make sure no mice or birds had been smuggled in.

Or spiders. Poor things. I found a big one all crumpled up in the sewing room this morning. Looked like the NEC (National Exhibition Centre in the UK) had been collapsed and awaiting dismantlement.

We had two huge ones roaming around the bedroom last night. We are getting quite an invasion of them lately. Especially last night when we had thunder, lightning and rain of almost biblical ferocity.

They were wandering about for a while, then I heard a distinct ‘thunk’ when one dropped to the carpet – no wonder the cats find them so easily. Then again, once they spot them (which is pretty much instantly) they focus on them like laser beams. Every single move they make is monitored and surveillance is constant. One wrong move – ‘Thunk’ did it – and the shooters pop out and pat them flat in seconds. At least it’s quick.

Inspection complete and the machine gets the Gracie permit of approval.

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