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Church 3D Tealight SVG for sale

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Finally got round to posting this pretty church. I have been cutting like Edward Scissor Hands for the past couple of weeks making up a display of 3D tealight houses for my Christmas hearth.

Over the last couple of years or so, I have given 3D tealights out as Christmas cards (to special friends and neighbours) with a battery operated LED and they are always well-received. The beauty of them is that you can cut them appropriate to an occasion and dress them up for  pride-of-place table settings for weddings, christenings, holy communions, confirmations, etc, but especially Christmas where you can dazzle them with frosty sparkles, twinkles and gems. I haven’t given mine any glitter as it can be difficult to photograph and capture well but I will be making a few of these in Christmas reds and greens with my favourite sugar sparkle for the hearth. When there’s a bunch of tealights all glittered and bedazzled, the effect is stunning.

As part of a village scene, this can double up as a school. It’s a very versatile design. Of course, you can sell whatever you make from the template (just not the template!) and I wish you happy sales if that’s your intention.

I’m putting this up for €10 euro. It’s easier to construct than it might look, nothing really fiddly but am always here to help out if need’s be.

It’s being sold in  SVG format (two files, one for the roof and frames and another for the main body parts) so you’ll need an electronic cutter like a Cameo, Silhouette, Craft Robo, Black Cat or Silver Bullet, etc. If you prefer a different format, let me know and I’ll save to a different file type and get it to you. I create everything in Illustrator but have other software I can import to and change file type. The file will be sent to the Paypal e-mail address linked to the Paypal account holder unless directed otherwise. I will send it within 24 hours of payment being received by Paypal.

Church 3D Tealight SVG (2 files) (€ 10)

Hope you like it. Thank you for looking.


Fancy Free Lattice – SVG format and PS/PSE frame brush

Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

A quick posting of an old lattice, formerly given away in GSD format only but re-formatted to SVG for you plus the frame above.

It’s free but you’ll need to subscribe to download.



Fancy Lattice Free SVG file

Fancy Free SVG Lattice

Oh – and the .abr brush:
PS/PSE brush

Free Frame PS /PSE brush


Three storey house

Sunday, July 21st, 2013

This house is really quick and easy to make up. Can’t go wrong. Lots of window frames to cut out and stick on but that’s part of the fun. The roof has lots of fish-scale cuts and a flouncy scalloped edging. It stands taller than most of my houses but that’s intentional. I want it as a backdrop for my Christmas arrangement when the time comes. I shall soon have a new town scene ready for some spritzing and glass glitter sprinkling to sit on my winter hearth to sparkle and glow…

Am selling it for €6.00. Usual arrangement – payment to be made through Pay Pal (which will convert currencies, etc) and the electronic template will be sent to the e-mail address of the Pay-Pay account holder – unless directed to do otherwise.

You will need a cutting machine and software, eg, Silhouette, Cameo, Craft Robo, Silver Bullet, Black Cat Cougar, etc that can work with SVG file formats. If you need a different file format, eg, GSD, DXF, .AI, etc, please contact me and I will convert the file for you.

Three-storey, 3D house:

Click here to buy the file 3 storey house (€ 6)

Thanks for looking

Dormer Bungalow Tealight Pretty

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

Another cool day! I bought some white jean shorts especially for the hot weather at the weekend! They’re not Daisy Dukes but hey! I won’t be wearing them much longer if it stays chilly like this.

Anyhow, I’ve been busy. I  posted this house before  but didn’t put it up for sale because I didn’t get round to writing up the instructions and taking pictures of the build stages, etc. Well, I have now. All documented and detailed. The house above is made from two sheets of A3 and not too fiddly to build. A little bit of patience for the chimney and some attention to detail required – like glueing the chimney stack in the right way but nothing difficult.

It’s very pretty and I wish I lived in a house like it.

Pop a battery-operated tealight inside and – Oh My – it’s chocolate-box gorgeous. Maybe sprinkle with glass glitter as well – more gorgeous! Make a bunch of them and arrange them on your mantlepiece or hearth and light them up for Christmas -  MAGIC!

Give them away as small Christmas Gifts or light your stall at the local Christmas fair for atmosphere and beauty! I am happy for you to make and sell the finished product – just not the template. It’s sturdy and strong and will withstand some handling for you to make a sample or two.

It’s now for sale at 11.50 euro. All payments are to be made through Paypal (Paypal will convert currency / exchange rate differences for you) . The electronic template will be sent to the e-mail account attached to the Paypal account holder (unless directed otherwise) within 24 hours of payment being received.

Please note you will need an electronic cutting machine like the Cameo, Silhouette, Craft Robo /Pro, Black Cat Cougar , Silver Bullet, etc, or similar machine that can cut files in an  SVG format. If  you want a different file format, eg, .AI, DXF, GSD, etc, drop me a line and I’ll convert for you.

Dormer Bungalow Tealight Pretty SVG files with  Build Instructions:
Dormer Bungalow Tealight Pretty SVG and Instructions PDF (€ 11.5)

Thank you for looking.


Happy Christmas cut out SVG topper for sale

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Anyone else inspired by the paper cutout work featured on Kirstie Alsopps’s Vintage Home programme? If you get a chance to view it, you’ll see it’s all fussy cut by Poppy Chancellor but as Black Cat Cougar and other cutting machine owners know, manual is not what we do! Why buy a cat then miaow yourself?! Okay, to you purists out there, it’s the difference between Indonesian reclaimed floorboards and good, common, serviceable ones from Woodies…  only discernible to those with ‘The Eye’ and the critical faculties that ‘get’ the nuances and subtleties lost on the rest of us!

I made this cut-out this afternoon. It needed a couple of little tweaks as one or two cuts are a bit fine when it came to removing it from the carrier sheet, but the few I’ve cut will be used on cards this Christmas despite one or two leeeetle breakages here and there. The tweaks are the work of minutes but that bed won’t make itself and there are a few other chores (‘What chores?’ ‘Thank you, I’ll have a cup of tea, please’) so I’ll do them tomorrow.

There, all tweaked and easy to get off the carrier sheet! It’s for sale here at 2.50 euro. Payment must be made through Paypal which will deal with any currency conversion. You will receive the SVG file electronically in your e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Thank you for looking.

Click here for the file:

Happy Christmas cutout topper SVG (€ 2.5) Happy Christmas cut out SVG topper €2.50


Also for sale is a high-res stamp of the cutout (ABR Photoshop/PSE brush) €2.50

Happy Christmas cutout topper stamp (Photoshop/PSE) brush (€ 2.5)

So, have a good evening and speak tomorrow.


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