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Christmas is Coming!

It’s December and Christmas is just a few weeks away and I’m so excited! Though to look out of the window you’d think it was a summer’s day – the sun is streaming in. It’s ‘Gorrr-Juss’ as they say in some parts over here.

I’ve been sewing all sorts of things and using up some stash though the words ‘I have enough fabric to last me for years’ are not words I’ve ever heard a sewist ever say.

What did I make?

Little Christmas tree decorations made from strips of fabric stitched together:

And small stars and bells for a jingly, jolly assortment…


… and a couple of the little elf shoes like this one below:

This is lined and waiting for its hanging loop to be attached. It obviously won’t hold as much as the traditional tall stocking but is good for a bottle of aftershave or perfume and a couple of small things with it. The design was inspired by something like this on the web. I had the template designed in Illustrator, printed and made almost as fast as you can say ‘Fourth Order Polynomial Curve Fitting Algorithm’… It was a bit fiddly – lots of clipping out notches around the curved sections and careful pressing. Not too awful though and the end result was worth it, IMHO.

I also had the bright idea to fuse A4 fabric sheets with Bondaweb and put them through the printer to print applique letters and shapes. Might even try a print and cut with the Cougar…. When there’s a spare moment, that will be done. This weekend,   The Tree goes up and the icicle lights get decked around the outside. I love them! No more than that, just icicles that twinkle and ‘drip’. Gorrr-jussss.

Finally, here’s a design made in Illustrator from a couple of years back – glammed up and richly coloured in red and gold… Christmas is Coming – Glad Tidings!!!!

PS If anyone wants the templates for the stars, trees, etc, drop me a line and I’ll convert the file format for sharing.

Be good, now or you’ll get a lump of coal in your stocking!

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