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Time to fly

The grey bird (see the last post)  is winging off to Cavan to make its nest with a lovely lady in a lovely traditional Irish cottage. He’s stuffed with Highloft and lots and lots of lovely, fragrant lavender to enjoy and relax to. Bye, Bye, Birdie.

I have lots of strips from wooly blankets rolled into a ball to make lots more birdies. Well, one of them is a ball. The other is like a heap of boiled spaghetti, respectfully called ‘His Noodliness’.

The colours are beautiful and warm. I just wish it had the wild beardy trim like my Big Grey Ball:

Like a big, wooly cabbage, isn’t it? I’m using it up on Wooly Sam birds. All along its edge it has a wild, wooly beard. The sort that properly clever good-at-maths professors have! Lol! The kind they can tuck a couple of protractors, a slide rule and a bunch of doughnuts in with no sign of bulging.

And other kinds of wooly balls – how about this furry ball of fun? Gracie wanted a selfie but couldn’t work the camera. Told you she didn’t sleep all the time!

Jess wasn’t interested. She was too busy looking out of the window:

Sky TV.

Something got her laughing. Probably my joke… Lol.

I got stitching and made a Spool Bird. I’ve wanted to have a go since reading about them here: Spool Bird

Quick and easy to make and ideal for stuffing with Lavender and High Loft. She’s sitting on the heart over the fireguard. The contrast isn’t great but you get the idea, besides, you’ll see lots more if you Google for  Spool birds. This picture does remind me that the fireplace will be gone in the next month or so – see the post below for the beautiful new firesurround waiting to be installed. I am so excited.

Posing the Spoolie got Gracie interested. She keeps an eye open to see what fun she can have. When I’m baking and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, Gracie sits by the radiator and watches me. She had a marathon viewing over the weekend.

This yum-yum piggy’s bum is a Salted Caramel  and Peanut Butter Cupcake. I’ll write up and post the recipe. It’s a definite keeper. I wasn’t sure at first but after leaving them for a couple of days they came to life and are proper gorgeous!

I also made The Mary Berry Simnel Cake. Drop-Dead-Gorgeous. I think it’s my favourite cake ever. More than Christmas Cake. It keeps calling to me like a siren to dash me on the rocks of Big Knickers and steel girder-reinforced bra contraptions. I’m having to exercise tremendous willpower to stop myself eating it all. Oh, Mary Berry, how do you stay so slim?!

Anyhow, Google for the recipe and make it. If you like fruit cake, you’ll LOVE it. Trust me on this.

Finally, I posted a  set of bootees on Etsy:

The bootees aren’t a new design but the box is. If you want to see more pictures of them – or are interested in buying them – click on the ‘I Sell On Etsy’ badges on this site and it will take you straight there.

Have fun and don’t forget to smell the flowers.

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