Christmas PS / PSE Brushes with a Nordic Influence

It’s snowing! It’s not settling  – yet! The air is thick with big fat curls of snow!

I’ve been busy making up a set of brushes inspired by the many Scandinavian stamps and themes I’ve seen in crafting mags and on jumpers and scarves and other stuff around at the moment.

I’ve got a set to sell:

Lots of borders and elements that will go well with any Christmas wrapping or cards.

They are 2.5 euro for all the images you see in the picture above.

Payment is via Pa Pal (which will convert your currency into euro). You will receive your ABR (Photoshop /PSE)  brushes when payment is received.

The file is zipped as it is quite large to make downloading a little quicker for you.

Thank you for looking

Hel x

A little something for you for Christmas

A pretty set of elegant alpha Photoshop / PSE brushes for you to personalise gifts or make place settings for the Christmas table with. Each letter is set in a scalloped decorative circle to make cutting out easy. All high res – designed in Illustrator then imported to PS to be converted to PS brushes.


Download here to register and download your free set:

Free set of Photoshop / PSE brushes

Bye for now


Hel x



Jollydays are coming! And I’ve got a few days to do anything I fancy so have been making all sorts of things. The tree in the picture is from a template on the Martha Stewart site – search for Paper Evergreens if you fancy giving it a go. It’s very easy – though I did draw my own in Illustrator and cut it with the Pro – that way I could perforate the fold lines lightly and make sure they were scored ‘true’. I have a thing about big perforations – make me shudder. For some people, it’s fingernails on a chalkboard. For me, it’s big perforations.  I like them to be just visible and use them as guides for bone creasing afterwards.

The tree is mounted in a  ribbon spool,  (on a wooden skewer with a big bead at the bottom to glue to the hole in the spool). A cotton reel would work just as well. A quick dob of hot glue on the top to fix a bead on top and it was good  to go – almost! I stuck some gold coloured wooden beads onto the base and then gave it a good sugary glittering. Sparkle snarkle!

In the background you can see the front of my latest tea light house. I designed it so that the door at the front is big enough to get a battery operated tealight in  and out easily. It has a rounded bottom and is called Birdbottom Cottage. I have a few tweaks to attend to but it’s nearly there. I want to take pictures of it when it’s lit up so will post when it’s ready.



Today I’m giving away a few snowyjollyday brushes that you might find useful or have fun with. They’re PS/PSE, 300 dpi and includes the Be Merry, North Pole Expeditions and a few snowflakes.

Download the free brushes here:

Free PS / PSE snowflake brushes

Hugs and thanks for looking

H x

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