Cushion Applique

A distraction from crochet – amazeballs – appliqué letters on a cushion. I finally used some of the Harris Tweed I bought a wee while ago (see here) and made a cover for a cushion (or possibly a pillow) for an Ikea feather-filled ‘cushion form’.

I used Bondaweb fused onto A4-sized pieces of fabric and put them through my trusty old Epsom Stylus Photo 1400  and printed a letter (in outline)  onto each of them. This made cutting the letterform out fairly easy and sharp.

I folded the cushion front horizontally and then vertically to find the centre front and then used tailor’s chalk to draw a couple of straight lines to align the tops of the letters to. The spacing was pretty much eyeballed. When I was happy with the arrangement, a deft and nifty squeak with the chalk here and there outlined the position for them to be ironed to.

The letters were fused, one at a time with a hot press of a steamy iron over a clean linen tea towel.

Then it was off to the sewing machine to zig-zag around the outline of each letter. I can adjust the settings for the length and height for the zig-zag stitch on my machine so I quickly ran a few samples to see if the settings were satisfactory.

You know the rest. Once the appliqué was stitched down, all that was left to do was to sew the cushion pieces together. It was an envelope-closure and so was made in three pieces.  A couple of hems and then the outsides – double-stitched. Regular straight stitch and an overlock (not a real overlock as I don’t have one of those machines) but a good approximation of one.

There. Job done, nicely stuffed and ready to be packed for its jaunt over the Irish Sea next week as it’s a house warming gift for a couple in the UK that I will be popping over to see this week.

My Sail-Rail ticket is booked. I was planning on flying but thought that even though I’m not off to Manchester on this occasion, following the recent dreadful events there recently, airport security would be on high alert everywhere, I whould imagine. And even though I would probably have flown Aer Lingus, the recent BA computer system crash won’t have helped matters at airport terminals generally.

So a life on the ocean wave for me – but I do love it. I really love the sway and kilter from the wind and waves and being just able to walk about freely is also very appreciated.

And I’ve promised myself that I shan’t be bringing back any more dinner sets. *Caveats*

Of course, nothing (at the moment, anyway) could totally displace my crochet mania.

There was another Amazon delivery… more yarn…. beautiful Baby Bamboo…. I was taking a picture of it when Gracie decided she was ready for her close up.


The yarn in all its colourful glory.

I’ve already made a Victorian Lattice Square (Ravelry – designed by Destany Wymore). It’s deceptively easy to make and is very pretty.


It’s not blocked so is a bit wobbly looking. Or maybe it just is wobbly.


I also got a lovely hooky bowl recently. Very practical and attractive, don’t you think?

Am loving the lustre and  sheen on the bamboo and the happy colours.

And, have started on a Vintage pattern – a Call the Midwife baby afghan. So pretty… So many unfinished projects… (lol)

And Gracie got fed up with Lights, Camera, Action. She declared it ‘A Wrap’ and went off to find somewhere to settle down for a bedtime wash and a good sleep. What better than my Poang? All my furniture is covered with throws and blankets these days. One, to be easy to wash and two, because I like my girls to be comfy.

Have a great weekend.

Pillow Talk

First cushion almost done. Phew! All seams are overcast so no raw edges to fray inside the cover. Had one slight hitch – the thread – the Güterman cerise silk – ran out while I was overcasting the last side. Went to get some more and it was out of stock. Luckily, there was a shade close to it but not a perfect match. Happily  it didn’t run out while I was stitching round the lettering on the front cover.

I say ‘almost’ because I want to cover a large button with the cotton fabric and make a button hole in the back. It’s more for aesthetic reasons than functionality as it closes beautifully, the couple of inches overlap is just right but I think a fat , accessorised button willl be just the job to add that little extra something.

This cushion will be going to the craft fair on the 24th and is a fairly big ticket item as all the fabric and thread was expensive and I’ve put a lot of time/work/care into it. And if it doesn’t sell, I’ll keep it for the next craft fair and if it still doesn’t sell, I’m keeping it. All the expensive items are going to be things I would like to own and so won’t be sorry to have it to myself, in my home for me to enjoy!

Next one to finish will be the Love Bunnies… or maybe I get on with the ‘Home’ one while the machine is threaded up with the dark pink. Will post soon enough so you’ll see then.

Time for tea. Tonight is one of my favourites. Chicken fillets, chopped and fried with onion and garlic, peppers, tomatoes, green garlic -stuffed olives and courgettes in a spicy tomato sauce (home made) with some boiled rice and a fresh salad with raw garlic and balsamic vinegar. Sometimes I heat up a coriander and garlic naan or two, or garlic bread, or just plain french bread to accompany it. All go well.

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