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Beady eyed

Hello Dare! I’m back.

I’ve been busy, you know. Shopping. All that surfing around Amazon takes time and effort …and money. So the piggy bank is empty and looking on the lean side now. BUT, I think I’ve pretty much nailed it. I’ve got nearly everything – just food and drink.

If me and Smithy are on our own this Crimble, Christmas dinner will be one big curry (home made and fresh) with naans (garlic and coriander), rice, poppodoms, samosas and  refreshingly chilled pear cider. This knocks Christmas Pudding off the top spot for me. The traditional turkey with roast everythings, yorkshire puds, sauces, gravies, stuffings and everything else – the ‘trimmings’ isn’t my thing. The Christmas adverts showing the table heaving with oozing puddings and dripping cranberries looks like an autopsy to me. They say ‘if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen’ I can’t, so I am!

This December is full of happy clappies for us. Christmas do’s, plays at the theatre, an evening of film and fun at the local cinema (ticket money going to charity), family over for weekend visits. Gorgeous things darling! I’ve printed off my December calendar page again just to make sure I’ve got everything in an at-a-glance format.

Oh Christmas Tree

The tree goes up on the first of December. We never get a real one  as Smithy has a severe allergy to pine needles – found that one out the hard way. The tree we have is a beauty though. Six foot tall with really thick, stiff, strong ‘bottle brush’ branches. Last year Gracie climbed up the bloody thing and sat in the branches so this year it’s going in the back room and I’ll try to keep the girls out of there.

Every year I make a few crafty decorations to hang up (Vicky in Cinncinnati inspired me to make my own). She had three large trees. One was decked with Star Trek bits – with LEDs and audio – ‘Beam me up, Scotty’ and ‘It’s lfe, Jim, but not as we know it’ etc. Geekily fab-u-lous!

Her second tree was covered with shop-bought poinsiettas with big pink satin bows.

The third, and my favourite, was the tree with her hand-crafted decorations. I fell in love with it. Gingham stars, tweed hearts, little cotton stockings… So here I am, a few years on, making lots of my own. The Christmas Samsara birds are a joy to make, scented with cinnamon and stitched with all manner of twinkly, glittery threads and beads. I’ve tried to get a good close-up to show you more detail:


Talking of my December calender page, here it is. I designed it in Illustrator and printed it out as a cutting file then made a giclee print of it along with the running rabbits. I shall be making my 2016 calender in the next few weeks and hoping for some mojo to come my way and inspire some new graphics.

Here is the owl, hand-cut missing its beak.

Like the journals? The covers are leather and embossed with gold foil. They were bought like that, I don’t have the equipment or the skills. Aren’t they beautiful? I don’t do them justice and scribble and jot randomly. They should have pages of beautiful sketches and gorgeous brush script words of inspiration. But they don’t. Just my scruffy scrawlings 😉

Roughly an A4 and an A5.

Brilliant find in Lidl – boxed set of Christmas washi tape. They have a dull gold lustre which is just perfect.

And, rushing to get these done in the next few days – advent jubbies. Six more to make – a set for Smithy and another for a friend. I have the numbers cut out ready to pop on to a dimentional so that won’t take too long. Just need to make a little hole to tie some glittery twine through so they can be hung up and they’re all done. They’re filled with foiled santas, snowmen, coins, balls and crinkly cellophane/foil wrapped pralines.

So all I have to do now, is twitch the curtains and wait for the Amazon deliveries to arrive, figuratively speaking, anyway.

Well, that lunch won’t make itself and if I don’t eat soon I might die of the hunger! Bye for now x x x



December the fourth already! Got my first Christmas card today – from Australia so I’d better get my ar** into gear and get some sent out before the posting deadlines.  Are you nearly ready or still chasing your tail like me? I’m off to the UK next week for a few days so trying to get cleaning, washing and other things done before I go. I cannot come back to a mess but must check the postings before I go.

I made up a big load of these cute-as-a-button jubblies. I call them jubblies after the tetra pack ice lollies we get here. I think they’re better known as sour cream cartons in the US. I know which sound better! I have posted how to make these on the blog a couple of years ago but just Google ‘sour cream container’ and check out the images – there are so many gorgeous makes to inspire you and most have links back to blogs and tutorials on how to make them.

I make them throughout the year for all sorts of occasions. They dress up very easily with different paper, embellishments and ribbons. Most years I make a full advent calendar (or two!) with them but ran out of time so made a bunch to top off a wicker basket full of hand-crafted hearts. Looking at the pic, you’d swear there were hardly any! In fact, I made thirty of them. Have already given a couple away and put some aside for a few other people but there are still about 20 in the basket. Anyway, each of these  little treats are filled with chocolate santas,  liqueur-filled barrels and chocolate money.

The dangly santies and snowmen are handcrafted metal tree decorations from Landon Tyler but are discontinued now, I think. Pity, they are so sweet.

Off to cook some dinner now. Am starving. Forgot to eat lunch and didn’t eat a single choc!

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Chicken scratch jubblies

A bit of fun with the ABR brush I posted a pic of the other day. I used it to make some papers from. Also did a nice green chicken in PS and made a background from that image, too. Printed off the papers and made my favourite jubblies with them. Just thought I’d show you! I love jubblies!  The papers look cute and the jubbly suits them well. Love ’em.

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