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Off to a good start

Good Morning! The sun is smiling on Ireland today. It’s a lovely, sunny fresh start to the day. Do you eat breakfast? I always do. It’s the one meal I rarely go without. It’s usually a slice of toast with a poached egg on top or fruity porridge.

Mr Smiff ALWAYS comments that Chia seeds look like frog spawn. You can see for yourself in the pic! I prefer to think it’s more like semolina. They are supposed to be very healthful. I soak mine in almond milk or coconut milk overnight. I’ve read that eating them dry and chasing them down with a glass of water or other liquid can be dangerous as they swell very quickly and can cause an oesophageal blockage. They wouldn’t be very nice to take dry, anyway, but are delicious when plumply juiced after being steeped.

Goji Berries are another favourite. These you can eat dry and are very tasty. The rest of the goodies in my fruity breakfast porridge include:

  • apricots
  • raisins
  • sunflower seeds
  • sultanas
  • coconut oil
  • almond milk
  • brown sugar

Don’t they make for a  nutritious breakfast?! The brown sugar may be a bit naughty but I like it. Sometimes I grate an apple and / or a carrot in as well. Sometimes frozen raspberries or blueberries. Scrummy.

Paper Cutting

With all the DIY work we’re up to our eyes in, I still found time to design and cut a papercut for my newly decorated and laminate-floored ‘office’ wall. (I wear my halo with pride though it’s a little tight today, lol).

It’s not quite right – the hare on the left does look like it’s engaging in something ‘anti-social’… and the mushrooms – ner – just not right. I will re-draw and recut. It’s to be expected, design work is somewhat iterative and can be a PITA but preliminary proof of concept and prototypes are the name of the game. And, it’s easy to get rusty so you have to keep your hand in.

It didn’t help that I was trying to rush it a bit having lemon shortbread in the oven. Sadly, another fail! I left it a little too long and they were a bit browned off – like me.

Today I need to take more care as I’m making a cake for my neighbour’s birthday tomorrow. It will involve a spherical cake tin, lemon madeira cake with lemon syrup, lemon butter icing and roll out fondant with some modelling skills that I hope I can lay claim to. Time will tell. Pictures will also follow at some point. Even if it’s an epic FAIL. Promise.

Chooky Bird Doorstop

These triangular chooky birds are all over the net. They are everywhere. I’ve made many of them as lavender sachets, doorstops and paper/dressmaking weights. They are a hoot to make and you can go to town making them up from fabric scraps. This cheeky chookie used up some oddments of fabric (Ikea), prairie corners left over from some cushions (beak), a petal from a pincushion with a tinchy bit of stuffing inside (wattle) and a crochet heart stitched onto batting for the comb.

If you Google for triangular chickens you’ll find instructions and tutorials from Missouri Star, Debbie Shore and many, many more.

The one in the picture is a chunky chooky and weighted with sand and new kitty litter. I’m calling her Peggy and she’s my latest doorstop.

Anyway, off to make The Cake so fingers crossed it comes out well. The neighbour’s birthday is tomorrow. I’ll stay in the kitchen until it’s pretty much done. Probably stick Downton Abbey on the telly, as I’m fairly immune to the frilly upsets that go on but it can engage me sufficiently to hang around without getting absorbed. Sounds odd but I don’t want anything that will capture my interest and distract me from the Big Bake. BUT, I get bored and if there’s nothing else for me to do, I’ll wander away to Enchanted Ground and forget the cake. As we know, dear reader, that is a bad path to go down!

Well, away to the oven and let the cake making begin.

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