Out with a flea in my ear

The Dublin Flea market was on today (every last Sunday of the month) down by Merchant Quays in Dublin. There was tat, dat and gimme that every which way. You have to root around and poke through piles of things to see it all but the thronging people make it hard to do it easily!

Anyhow, I bought the lovely – or bad like a rotten tooth, enameled jug for €5.00. I got it to take those lovely vintage effect and shabby chic photographs that look so great in magazines… not sure I can do as good a job but I’ll try. I can dangle crocheted doodahs off it – in appropriate old-fashioned colours – and see how it goes.

Then there was the wooden frog. It’s actually some kind of percussion instrument – the wooden dowel in its mouth is used to make sound by running it up and down the ridges on its back. I’m going to use it to hold a crochet hook or two. Mr Bird is going to see about actually inserting the throat of a crochet hook into the tapered end by drilling a hole down the shaft and securing it with Gorilla glue.

A felted wool bag was also quickly mine. Acquisition. Material girl, What more is there to say?

So, these were my purchases at the Flea. There were some lovely things I wanted but were too expensive.

Like this Bentwood rocking chair. The seller wanted €250 for it.

There was a lovely black iron umbrella stand for €45 and a beautifully old door knocker at €35. Too expensive for a quick acquisition especially when bought on a whim.

And there was other stuff that I liked but had no need or ornamental use for, like this old iron:

A bit blurry, unfortunately, due to the jostling. It’s very sweet but not for me.

So, home again and timed it just right. As we turned into the car park the heavens opened and  it heaved down, big wet slapping rain pounding the car as we drove home.

Since I last posted, I bought a couple of spools of T shirt yarn called a Jolly Good Yarn and some fat crochet hooks via Amazon. All Tulip in sizes from 9 to 12. No 11 – oddly enough. It’s to make a hanging crochet basket – seen some lovely patterns from the internet people and Wooly Wonders has a video to make one. Not a hanging basket for planters – these hang off a door knob and are little storage items. Just look so … nice. I bought the yarn in cream and ‘Grey Suit’ – isn’t that a great name? It really does have the colour of dark grey Worsted.

These hooks aren’t very expensive but are a good brand and very smooth, no burrs to snag and catch the fibres. They look like sprouting mung beans, don’t they – except the colours, of course!

And so to my little cutie pie, Gracie. This was her last night after tucking herself underneath the throw on the sofa.




So back to things I must do – a bit of tidying up, sort out some washing and ironing then indulge myself with some crochet for a little relaxation.

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