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Got a Buzz-Buzz from my tablet this morning and was happy to see it was a message from Parcel Motel telling me there was something waiting for collection. So, happy feet out of bed, a quick cat’s lick of a face wash and off I went. Luckily, my local PM is only a few minute’s drive away.

This was the wonderful delivery. All the way from America. Aren’t the colours lush? Aren’t they wonderful? A rainbow in a box.

So, why from America? Well, there are only a couple of shops I know of that sell them in Ireland and they aren’t local. The ones I’m thinking of are about an hour’s drive away, pretty much in Dublin. That’s too far to go for a couple of skeins of floss. And, I wouldn’t be spending so much on embroidery floss.

They sell for about €2.15 per skein so if I wanted to buy in bulk to make the journey worthwhile and purchase the 36 skeins (the picture shows 2 each of 18 colours, ie, 36 skeins), it would cost me €77.40 plus petrol and a toll charge two ways. Probably about €90 if the trip was made just for them. Not that I would make such a journey JUST for floss.

I went online to Amazon. The set above, with exchange from euro to sterling and shipping came to €22. The supplier is in the US.

There was a time when the words ‘This supplier does not deliver to Ireland’ were final and would dash any hope of getting them so cheaply. But, these days, seeing them is no deterrent.

Since Parcel Motel set up its headquarters in Belfast, which is part of the UK, I can order and have them delivered to PM which then delivers to the Republic. The Parcel Motel registration fees and charges are very reasonable and when  €90 is set against €22, you can see how big the savings can be. Huge.

I love Parcel Motel and I love Amazon. I love my new set of DMC flossies! Happy Clappy!

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