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Happy Christmas cut out SVG topper for sale

Anyone else inspired by the paper cutout work featured on Kirstie Alsopps’s Vintage Home programme? If you get a chance to view it, you’ll see it’s all fussy cut by Poppy Chancellor but as Black Cat Cougar and other cutting machine owners know, manual is not what we do! Why buy a cat then miaow yourself?! Okay, to you purists out there, it’s the difference between Indonesian reclaimed floorboards and good, common, serviceable ones from Woodies…  only discernible to those with ‘The Eye’ and the critical faculties that ‘get’ the nuances and subtleties lost on the rest of us!

I made this cut-out this afternoon. It needed a couple of little tweaks as one or two cuts are a bit fine when it came to removing it from the carrier sheet, but the few I’ve cut will be used on cards this Christmas despite one or two leeeetle breakages here and there. The tweaks are the work of minutes but that bed won’t make itself and there are a few other chores (‘What chores?’ ‘Thank you, I’ll have a cup of tea, please’) so I’ll do them tomorrow.

There, all tweaked and easy to get off the carrier sheet! It’s for sale here at 2.50 euro. Payment must be made through Paypal which will deal with any currency conversion. You will receive the SVG file electronically in your e-mail within 24 hours of receiving your payment. Thank you for looking.

Click here for the file:

Happy Christmas cutout topper SVG (€ [price]) Happy Christmas cut out SVG topper €2.50


Also for sale is a high-res stamp of the cutout (ABR Photoshop/PSE brush) €2.50

Happy Christmas cutout topper stamp (Photoshop/PSE) brush (€ [price])

So, have a good evening and speak tomorrow.


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