Shake your booties!

Still absolutely loving these crochet hearts. They make such sweet eye candy and use up those oddments of yarn that could otherwise end up as ratty nests in the bottom of bags stuffed in the back of cupboards.

This one has some dried lavender with a few drops of pure lavender oil to give it some sweet smelling scent with calming properties as well.

The tiny yellow flower is from Attic24 and is called ‘Teeny Tiny Flower’.  The white flower behind it is a variation of the Flax flower pattern that can be found in ‘100 Lace Flowers to Crochet: A Beautiful Collection of Decorative Floral and Leaf Patterns for Thread Crochet’ by Caitlin Sainio.

I put up the link to the heart pattern a couple of posts ago.

I made this one, also with lavender, to pop onto a little wooden coat hanger with the cardi (KNITTED – and I really don’t like knitting and rarely do it but for this pattern, I made an exception).

And, just because I have conquered crocodile stitch and wonder why I found it so mysterious and difficult, another pair of croc booties. These have a few sprinkles of sequins. I have squashed the booties in my hand to text for scratchiness and couldn’t feel them so hopefully, over a pair of socks, these will look sassy and keep some little toes nice and warm.

I shall be in the UK this coming week. I am sure you have a fairly good idea why…

Crochet a simple but beautiful heart

Subtitled: A heart rending yarn (lol)

The sun has been shining down drying my washing just lovely today. Colour me happy. It’s been so nice lately I’ve even been looking around for things to wash so if you call round, don’t stand still for too long, will you?!

I notice that my blueberry bush has produced its annual harvest. Blueberries are currently designated as ‘superfoods’ however that is defined. I just know they’re gorgeous. Dunnes and Tesco have started selling bags of frozen ones for around €2.00 which is very reasonable and cheap enough to have a serving every day. Anyway, I took my bowl out to the garden and picked off the one blueberry that hung there ripe and juicy.  At this rate I’ll have enough for a blueberry pie in twenty or so years.Watch out, Mr Dunne. I’m coming after you.

I’m making lots of little crochet hearts for Christmas. The ones in the pic above make up very quickly with a small number of basic stitches.  I’ve added some felted balls decorated with beads for a festive look and haven’t they just zhuzhed (sp?) up?! I’ve a mind to leave long tails on the cast off lengths so I can plait them together and maybe make a drawstring or a dangly addition to knitted socks or burlap doodahs…

The pattern is here:

Crochet Heart Tutorial

Have a go. I’ve used a pure cotton with a size 3.00 hook. My hearts measure approx. 1″ ‘square’ – lol.


Oh, balls!

I have big balls, Roy. (I.T. Crowd). Felty ones. Lots of colours. I picked a juicy fat red one to top my heart today.


And some beads. Not enough of the small pearl types though. But enough little pretties so I don’t have to run down to the shops to buy some.


I use a special Beading Needle. See the difference? The Beading Needle is much finer and its eye is not so pronounced as ordinary sewing needles. This means they pass through those tiny ‘hippy beads’ easily. It also means they bend more and end up like rickety legs. You can get these from most haberdashers. They’re not expensive – €3 or €4 for a pack of 5.

Use cotton to match your balls (or invisible thread) and create a few anchoring stitches to the heart base. After that, bring the needle out willy nilly and pop a bead on the end to stitch your beads on.

Don’t they liven it up?! You can imagine how small clusters of these, say threes or fives, would jazz up a hand made craft for Christmas. Or any occasion, really. I have a box of them – different colours and sizes.  Am really excited to get started on some crochet patterns and decorate with a few of these.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with a picture of Jess. She’s becoming well-chilled these days. Much more relaxed than when we first got her.

Enjoy your day and hope you’ve got lots of sunshine in your life. Byeee.

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