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Loving Lavender Sachets

This is my latest make, a simple lavender bag with an appliquéd rabbit and a tiny pom-pom tail. The smell of lavender is wafting everywhere! It’s a really pretty smell and has earned a reputation for having a relaxing effect so a lovely home fragrance to have.

These little bags make up quickly with a couple of squares of fabric. The rabbit was drawn in Illustrator, printed out and cut around to make a stencil. I fused some  Wonderweb onto the back of the spotty fabric and drew round the rabbit outline before cutting the rabbit out. The backing sheet was peeled off and the rabbit  ironed right-side-up on the gingham check. I like to stitch around the applique and used a single line of machine stitching to secure it in place and give the appliqué shape a little more definition.

The two squares of gingham were then pinned pretty sides together and the seams around the sides were stitched leaving an opening so that it could be turned the right way out and filled. I popped a loop of ribbon in one corner so it could be hung up. Once stitched, the corners were clipped to make them crisper and sharper when turned out.

I then turned it out, rolled the seams a little between my thumbs and forefingers and gave it a press with the iron. It was filled with cushion filling and a good dose of dried lavender. The  opening was closed using a ladder stitch to make the closure as neat and as invisible as possible. It’s finished off with a pom-pom tail using the smallest Clover pom-pom maker.

There. All done. I think this would be lovely in a little girl’s nursery. Have to make some blue ones for little baby boys now!

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