Sweet Little Sour Cream Lavender Sachets

These little tetra shapes are perfect for all sorts of things. I make them from paper for hanging advent calendars (see here  here  or in baskets here and for other occasions to jolly up some sweeties here).

The instructions are included somewhere along the way so you’ll know how easy they are to make. The good news is that they’re just as easy to sew.

1. Cut one rectangle of fabric per tetra. Mine are 5″ x 4″.

2. Fold each rectangle in half down its long side. The right or pretty sides of the fabric are facing.

3. Sew down the open edge. The seam allowance is up to you and what size you make the tetras.  This will give you a tube of fabric.

Bring the seam round so that it sits in the middle of the tube and press the seam open.

4. Turn it the right way out and make a line of stitching approximately up an inch from one of the bottoms.

5. Now turn the open end 90º to make the tetra shape.

Fill it. Mine is stuffed with Hi-Loft and dried lavender. I also made a bunch with pearl barley in to use as pattern weights (instead of pinning a pattern to fabric, keep it in place with little weights like these tetras).

Push the stuffing further up towards to the line of stitching and make a line of pins to keep in firmly in place. This allows you to sew your next line of stitching without the bulk of the stuffing getting in the way.

Sew another line of stitching, again approximately an inch from the bottom.

Now you have both top and bottom machine stitched with the stuffing in the middle and you can remove the pins.

6. Sew a few parallel lines of stitching down from each original line of stitching to create a ‘crimped’ look. (With paper versions, I use a paper crimper).

Finally, get your pinking shears or other decorative scissors out and snip across the ends.

And that’s all there is to it. I have some small bows and other little tickety boos to top the lavender sachets off and then they’re all set to go to the fair this weekend.

Stools out for summer

A few years ago I bought a  computer /ergonomic posture stool. It wasn’t cheap but it didn’t justify the price tag. Maybe I should have returned it but …. just didn’t. It was rickety and always felt like I was sitting on a newly born Bambi getting to its feet.  Over time a knee pad fell off just once too often and it was relegated to the attic. This was to give it time to think about its behaviour and hopefully respond favourably to some rehabilitation and re-integration to the furniture community at some future date.

Last night was that date. I particularly hoped it could become chair friends with my Mastermind Computer Swivel that has been presiding in the office bedroom during its absence.

Now, bear in mind, this was a quick job. I was performing my role as domestic goddess and had just made apple crumble AND a batch of all-butter shortbread AND cleared up the mess. Can’t bish flour, sugar and butter around without some mess. I was nothing short of being a kitchen miracle. In the zone and in total control.

Mr Tree got the stool down from the attic but wasn’t really interested in helping out until I started getting the power tools out. It was quite odd how his interest level suddenly shot up at that point. You’d think he doesn’t trust me with a cordless drill.

Anyway, together we ripped out old staples and hot glued rawl plugs into position ( the original holes, as we found, were too big for the rawl plugs used). Hot glue did the trick of filling the space and securing the plug. However, Hot Glue should always be treated with respect. It’s kissing cousin, Napalm, carries a lethal warning. So should Hot Glue. It will  remove your fingerprints without the overhead of any costly surgical procedures, believe me.

The padding was a bit meagre and couldn’t half hurt the shins – kneeling for any length of time was like wearing leg splints and gave me the John Wayne Walk-Of-Shame.

So, we got some foam from my sewing reserves, cut them to size (eyeballed, no measuring), hot glued, stapled down and as stuck as egg yolk and tomato sauce down the front of your best blouse.

The original covering no long fitted because of the extra padding so my Ikea curtain stash came to the rescue. More hot glue and stapling and this was the end result. Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but not bad. It’s repaired, re-padded and back in front of the PC. Mr MasterMind Swivel says ‘Ding, Dong!’ and they’ve definitely become Besties. Ahhh. Care in the chair community. Kiss Kiss.

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