Sprocket Pillow

Well, Hello! Despite a very frosty start – ice on the car windows – first ice-scrapy day of this year – the sun is out and shining brightly now! How lovely and what a pleasant change from the last few days. It feels like spring is here, or at least on the way.

So, the sun is full of smiles today and so am I. Last night I watched a line up of TV shows recorded over the last few days – Miranda, Mrs Brown’s Boys and Room 101 with John Craven, Miranda and a TV presenter whose name I cannot recall but seemed a nice enough bloke. So funny! Lots of shits and giggles had us laughing our heads off. Loved the inflatable boobs – with the whoopee cushion puncture…. (Mrs Brown), Miranda’s Old McDonald with the dolphin (though the completely ripped off IT Crowd Dinner Party ‘Look Normal… look more normal’ episode was a bit sad to see)  and room 101 with Frank Skinner and guests was just great from start to finish!

Anyway, I took the TV time to make up one of Cluck, Cluck Sew’s Sprocket cushions (see link in the previous post). I will definitely be making up a few more of these! They are easy to make. I would like some really nice fabric to do the sides with – the one I used is a bit ‘muddy’ for the fabric pieces I used in the sprocket but apart from that, I love it.

I covered a button for the middle and ran the needle and thread right through the centre to pull it into a nice squash (A noun converted to a verb is a nominalisation but don’t know the word for changing a verb into a noun… let me know if you do!). Needed a long needle to get it through to the other side and strong thread to pull it tight.

So, love it, love it, love it and Thank You Cluck, Cluck Sew for a brilliant tutorial. Honestly, the easy to follow instructions have given me the confidence to tackle a  quilted throw – I love seeing pictures of them but have always doubted that I would have the patience and/or skill to make one myself…. I will now give it a try.

Have a great day.



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