Clock face makeover update

An update on the clock face makeover.

Here it is transferred onto an old clock I had lying around. The old face was spray-painted with Ivory Rustoleum. The original design was tweaked here and there in Illustrator then saved as an SVG for cutting out.

Since this pic, have since spray-painted the outer casing Balmoral Red. It’s just drying but looking good so far.


Here it is in red:


The hands are too long but the original clock was very big. Have looked at Amazon – they sell clock mechanisms of all sorts of sizes and some with really pretty hands instead of the plain things in the clock above.

Am going to make another but simpler, ie, fewer graphic elements (the weeding was a PITA), and buy hands especially for it.

Still, nice to have something unique and different for next-to-nothing.

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