Clock face makeover

Just showing my latest project; a clock face makeover. I’ve seen ‘similar’ things on Etsy – lots of graphic elements joined together as a clock face but the prices were fairly expensive. Remember the MIL from Goodness Gracious Me and her catchphrase:  ‘I can make it at home for nothing’ ? That’s me.

Knowing Illustrator (and Inkscape and probably lots of other vector drawing packages) can easily weld things together it was obvious that all it would take would be time and patience to create an intricate and beautiful design. If you know these packages you can see at a glance that the ‘complexity’ of the design is made up of lots and lots of simpler vector elements arranged, modded and welded with the Pathfinder tool to create one solid image.

I’d already created lots of individual designs and had them saved and was able to pick out pieces to make up the design. Had to edit nodes and tweak most of the pieces so that they would overlap and weld but that’s not difficult. Just  time consuming and laborious. Still, if you have a free afternoon and fancy something to get absorbed into, I would recommend a project like this.

Will need a second pair of hands to help guide and align, etc, and strips of thin masking tape to hold it together till it’s safely transferred, but if I get it right on the clock face, will make an interesting and unusual clock. I may yet go back and swap the number 6 mushroom with the number 9 bird as the shape of the bird’s breast would work better with the curve of the six. That would enable me to lift up the number 9 so that it would sit properly at 90° to the 12 and horizontally opposite the 3.  Though a minor detail in the overall design but I think I might as well just do it.

This design will be cut from vehicle-quality decal vinyl to cover a clock face that has seen better days. I could use it as a stencil to spray paint the design but that would involve a lot more work and this isn’t an easy design to weed and transfer as it is.

Fingers crossed that it goes well. Will hopefully show the end result by the weekend. Luckily, vinyl isn’t too expensive…..

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