Village scene buildings

I have been making a few more houses loosely based on some I saw by Lesley Shepherd. They’re pretty to add to a village scene but are not wide enough for an LED underneath so can’t be used as tealights but I may change that when I get some time. I wasn’t thinking about what they were going to be used for when I designed them – just enjoying making them, really.  You’ll see from the pics that they need some tweaking  –   I put things on wrong layers and the CR cut where I really meant folds and vice versa…   And the Craft Robot had its moments – it seems to re-orient the paper in the preview panel from time to time – like today!

I put the top panel on wonky and need to add one more tab to secure the roof properly but it looks okay at this stage and with contrasting window frames it will make a nice addition to the village scene I’ve made. It’s good to have have different shapes and sizes  to add interest and these stand taller, but thinner, than the others I’ve made. Once I’ve sorted out the tweaks, I’ll make another and add contrasting window sills and door frames etc. to make them look extra special and really pop!

Office tealight house GSD (€ [price])

Gabled village house GSD (€ [price])

Having sorted out the main roof tabs I sent the porch roof to a fold layer so no roof! And glued the porch on wonky! Next time, I’ll stick it down while the house is flat to make lining things up much easier. It will soon be sorted and remade then I’ll add frames around the windows and put it with the other houses. I have now some 16 or so LEDs for the tealights and a friend from round the corner who has helped make them up also has her own village scene and together we’re planning a lighting up ceremony when each of us puts our tree and decorations up in another week or so. I am starting to get excited about Christmas!

Updated December 6th 2010

I have modded the design for a three-gabled house so that it is now a tealight house. Please check the cutline settings on your machine as for no reason I can fathom, the conversion from .ai to DXF to GSD somehow translates the two colours I use for cuts and folds in Illustrator into 4 or five colours in the GSD. The blue lines are folds and the black lines are cuts!

village tealight GSD (€ [price])

I want to thank Rachel for sending me a photo of some of the tealight houses she made. Her little one gave some ‘technical help’ (haha). Well, they turned out beauuutiful and I am loving the gingham fabric trees in the background, too. Do you have a blog or template for your trees, Rachel?

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