Jollydays are coming! And I’ve got a few days to do anything I fancy so have been making all sorts of things. The tree in the picture is from a template on the Martha Stewart site – search for Paper Evergreens if you fancy giving it a go. It’s very easy – though I did draw my own in Illustrator and cut it with the Pro – that way I could perforate the fold lines lightly and make sure they were scored ‘true’. I have a thing about big perforations – make me shudder. For some people, it’s fingernails on a chalkboard. For me, it’s big perforations.  I like them to be just visible and use them as guides for bone creasing afterwards.

The tree is mounted in a  ribbon spool,  (on a wooden skewer with a big bead at the bottom to glue to the hole in the spool). A cotton reel would work just as well. A quick dob of hot glue on the top to fix a bead on top and it was good  to go – almost! I stuck some gold coloured wooden beads onto the base and then gave it a good sugary glittering. Sparkle snarkle!

In the background you can see the front of my latest tea light house. I designed it so that the door at the front is big enough to get a battery operated tealight in  and out easily. It has a rounded bottom and is called Birdbottom Cottage. I have a few tweaks to attend to but it’s nearly there. I want to take pictures of it when it’s lit up so will post when it’s ready.



Today I’m giving away a few snowyjollyday brushes that you might find useful or have fun with. They’re PS/PSE, 300 dpi and includes the Be Merry, North Pole Expeditions and a few snowflakes.

Download the free brushes here:

Free PS / PSE snowflake brushes

Hugs and thanks for looking

H x

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