If you haven’t got your tree up yet, here’s a couple for you!

A quick posting but a good one – freebies!   There are loads of stamps like the one above – text laid out in ‘shapes’ etc. This was designed in Illustrator then pasted into PS to convert into a digi brush.  If you like this one, download here:
Free Treetext Photoshop / PSE brush (ABR)

More fun with Photoshop  – I love the stuff that Abduzeebo does. I based this on a tutorial he has on his website:http://abduzeedo.com/easy-star-light-photoshop. I included some lines using Blend Option Dissolve to add some more sparkle but the resolution here doesn’t do it justice!

I’ve also been designing a box in the shape of a Christmas tree. I saw one on the web somewhere and liked the idea and had a go at making one myself with Illustrator and my Pro. It’s free for you (go to the bottom) as an SVG and a GSD:

A few pictures to help you assemble it easily:

Happy Christmas!

Download here:
Free Christmas Tree Box

Got to dash.

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