Christmas Doodahs

One thing I love about winter and the way the nights draw in so early is lighting up a bunch of tealights and enjoying the glow and flicker of candle flame. I bought this lantern last week, it’s sooo pretty. The picture doesn’t show how large it is but it’s the size of a medium pumpkin. The candle is too tall though! I bought a pillar-sized one and should have got one much smaller so that the lantern would be lit from the bottom. Still, it will burn down!

It was a Dunnes candle, and for us Irish ladies, you can always tell when you’re in a Dunnes store because they are always permeated by their beautiful clean signature vanilla smell. This picture will show the size a little clearer:

So, I’m rushing to meet Christmas with my bits and bobs and enjoying making things personal and perfect for me! Hope you’re on top of things yourself and enjoying the excitement of Christmas now!





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