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Sewing Frenzy

I have my sewing mojo back. The dark sparkles within lit up and got me going again. As you can see, another trial with bias binding. Many curse words were uttered in the making of this pouch. Unpicking and stitch-ripping – aargh! The hilarity of it all! Eventually, it came together and this lovely little pouch was finished and filled with essential bits and bobs. An Altoids tin with beads, sewing floss, a teeny-tiny needle case for embroidery and beading needles plus assorted odds and sods for emergency sewing situations.


I popped into Aimee Rose in City West for some crochet markers and spotted these glittery treasures. These are perfect for snazzing up Christmas decor bits and work wonderfully well with a cording foot. Simply slide under the grooves on the foot and set the machine to a zig-zag stitch using a neutral or close-coloured top thread and zig-zag the Goldfingering Twilley stuff onto your fabric.

The Twilleys gives lots of surface detail and gorgeous glitz. Even the ‘white’ one; it actually has an irridesecnt shimmer that is just glorious to a magpie like me. These cost about €4 each so not cheap but they do last a long time. If you don’t let your cats play with them.

Gracie has shown me better techniques to layout text and pictures in Illustrator, pissed on my pathetic attempts to code in Python showing me her Pythonista prowess and all-round Parcel-tonguedness simply with a couple of light paw touches on the keyboard. What a star. Lol.

I keep a good few of my sewing machine feet in a lovely little box Smithy bought me last Christmas. It’s quite beautiful. And cat-safe.



I used the cording foot to zig-zag over some gold and metallic red threads on the Christmas Samsara birds. The new Twilleys collection has inspired me to make a few more decorations but they will probably have to wait until next week as my time is a bit tied up at the moment.


I also gave this little 50c sale bag (Mr Dunnes, about 4 years ago) a bit of a flossie, french knot make over with embroidery flosses from Aimee Rose. I love the French Knot and Speckling stitches for creating random, pretty surface design and just go with the flow and enjoy being dotty.


Inadvertently took this shot (was playing with extension tubes, zoom lens and a tripod today) and got a nice shot of my old Singer. Weren’t they just the last word in Gorjuss??!

Am off to have my tea, now. Jalfrezi curry (home made) with garlic and coriander naans.  Right now, Gracie is sleeping on my feet by the radiator and I will try to gently ease my feet away without disturbing her. She looks as cute as a button.

Bye for now.

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