It’s that time of year when the windscreen has to be scraped before the car can be moved – His Frostiness has arrived. With the cold in mind, I notice that there’s something called a ‘Snuggie’  – some kind of drape with sleeves to keep you warm in the house, apparently, being plugged on the telly. Looks more like a hospital gown for the morbidly obese to me.

And now available in purple! Who would have thought there’d be such demand they could diversify into a whole new colourway?! I wouldn’t care if they were available in pink polka dot spots with sugar icing, I think they’re weird and horrible. The current ad shows a whole family sitting around in them looking for all the world as though they’re wearing dust covers so they can sit around on the sofa while the decorators are in.

I’ve now actually seen one. They are too long, they don’t do up anywhere and have to be constantly gathered about one’s person just to walk across a room – unless they have the secondary function of dusting the floor as well by dragging and redistributing the debris to create the illusion of cleanliness.

Stairs demand a proper gathering up and a full clutch of one hand.  I just cannot see the appeal or the practicality of them. Why not put on a dressing gown? Sleeves, belt, pockets, too! Keep the TV remote in one to mute the ads the second they come on. Especially that awful soundtrack to the Sainsbury (I think) ad. Something along the lines of ‘hoo hoo …lucky too’. Believe me, I’ve become really fast with the remote since that advert first aired.

And while I’m on about the ads, what’s that perfume Loverdose about? Love a dose of what? Sounds like something you’d need see a doctor about at the STD clinic. I must be developing Grumpy Old Women syndrome.Thank His Noodliness for Sky +. Let a programme play, rewind and fast-forward the ads.

I had intended to finish off a tealight church to feature in the graphic above (all done in Photoshop, btw). So I designed and tweaked and cut it out. I assembled it. Then realised I’d put the church tower on the wrong way and so the roof wouldn’t fit (it’s a sort of  centre-gable arrangement). I won’t finish it until tomorrow night now.

It’s not all bad though! It was my birthday recently and Mr S’Tree ordered me some computer things to upgrade my system…. they came this morning!

*Update* The components arrived and got fitted. Grand. But it’s like decorating the living room. You put new paper up and suddenly the paintwork needs doing. Paint the skirting boards and doors and the curtains look dingy!  Had to get a new C drive as the old one wouldn’t  accept a Bios update  and couldn’t realise the power potential of the new components.

Got new C drive. Went to install – thought I had a spare sati cable. Nope. Wasn’t able to get out to get one until yesterday. Gah. But have sati cable now – yay! All set to get my machine sorted out. Hopefully, my machine will be be back online soon and I can get to my Craft Robo and finish the 3D church sometime soon!

The new components and slot arrangements have shown up the case as being a bit dated though – there is no further room for expansion (memory slots full up)  and is limited to just a couple of USB slots… but that won’t affect the immediate upgrade so will sort out a new case after Christmas.


*Update No. 2*

The Sati cable was shoddy work, Ted! Cowboys. The pins were loose. I could talk them out. I tried to connect up but the pins splayed and wouldn’t play nice. I persevered and managed to connect them up but the slightest movement, the slightest creak of a floor board and the machine crashed. The Sati cable had to go back to that special world of computers and PCs. You know the one. Not to worry.  I now have a new  cable and my machine’s insides are not wrong anymore. It’s happy and I’m happy. I love it!

Bye for now!

Hel x


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