Christmas decorations

While I’m showing you some of my Christmas decorations, thought you might like to see a couple of bargains I bought from TKMaxx. The two wooden angels stand approx 15″ high and were reduced from 29.99 to 9.99. Well, so the ticket says. I love them so didn’t care and thought €20 for them was worth it.

I didn’t like their faces, though.  Too sweetie-sweet so I rubbed them off  with sandpaper and gave them a coat of gesso then applied a wash of  flesh-coloured acrylic. I like their serene anonymity and the beautiful stillness about them now.

I also rubbed their frocks down a bit and gave them a good coating of sugary glitter. Unfortunately, the photo hasn’t picked up the gorgeous sparkle they have.

Anyway, you can see I am preparing the home for Christmas. But, come Christmas morning, unless I get a move on, it will be decs only and no presents.

Mr Tree and I are going into Dublin tomorrow to spend some money and try to get the big presents and various stocking fillers and stuffers done and dusted.

Hope the rain keeps off!

Happy thoughts and good wishes to you.



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