Kris Kringle

While retailers are bemoaning their lot about reduced consumer spending it is also a great time to go grabbing bargains. Everywhere you go there are 50% off signs or ‘Bog Offs’  or three for twos, etc.

I was out at the weekend and couldn’t resist taking advantage of some beautiful tea towel offers. This is the time of year to think about the little expenditures that quickly mount up if you aren’t careful – like the Kris Kringles,  gifts for the lollipop ladies, teachers and the not-quite-friends-but-more-than-acquaintances, etc.

But what can you get for a small outlay and still make the present something special? Well, I found some lovely tea towels, all 100% cotton (and a nice quality cotton, too) on a three for two. The designs are just so sweet and I was smitten. So, soon had them bought, bagged and brought home. I introduced one to a hessian bag I posted recently and it was a match made in heaven. They were made for one another. I foldy-rolled one up and popped it  in. Perfect. A lovely gift for under €5.00.

My gloaty ‘aren’t-I’clever’ head is very definitely on today, ha-ha!

OMG – I think the sun is coming out! Not sure as last sightings of this phenomena were not confirmed and may just be the rambling of a fevered brain. Like a dream I had the day before yesterday! I dreamt that I was watching a medical documentary and the narrator said that a tape worm larva had built a trap door into Judge Judy’s brain!

When I woke I Googled for more information. Not surprisingly, there was nothing to substantiate this nonsense – and with a resource like Google that can find the DNA of a fruit fly on the infernet I was reassured that Judy’s brain was safe and as sharp as her tongue.

Have a happy day


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