Personalised chocolate bar wrappers

A great way to personalise and make a gift, even a small one, special, is to customise the wrapping.

As you know, many people buy their pets little presents for Christmas – well, in our house, our cat also buys presents in return! He likes to print a picture of himself and wrap up a bar of chocolate for his support team – ie, cat slaves meaning me and my partner!

I use two images – one for the general background and another to sit on the front of the chocolate bar. The only measurements you really need to take are  the size of the chocolate front, where your smaller image will be positioned, and that of the background to make sure it will cover the bar.

Print out the smaller image on to your background. Score around its edges and fold down. Roughly measure the sides of the chocolate (I’ve used Divine) and score another rectangle around your image to allow for the depth. Fold that and put your chocolate bar in place (remove the outer packaging and leave it in its inner foil).  From there on, wrap it like a little present.

I used various filters on the images and then printed onto Conqueror metallic champagne paper  to get a charming  old fashioned look then parcel-tied a length of  gold thread to finish it off ready to go into a Christmas stocking.

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