Chocolate Fudge Brownies

A lovely recipe at the bottom of the post for you to download and make. If you have a chocolate G-spot and love the dense, moist chewiness of a fudge cake, these brownies are for you!

Like the graphic? It was made in Illustrator.

It’s been an odd week of strange dreams. For instance, I had one the other night where I dreamt I was holding up my thumb as if hitching a lift and it was making a loud fizzing noise. You know when cartoon baddies plant bombs – they’re always round, black and have the word ‘bomb’ written on the side – when they light the fuse, it always has a sparkler on top and hisses and fizzes? Well, that is what my thumb was doing – fizzling very loudly. I called to my partner and said ‘Listen to this!’ and he replied ‘I think I’ve been taken over by aliens and filled with cardboard’. What was that all about?!

I have also sorted out my cutlery drawer. It was anarchy in there. Forks and knives inter-pronging and tining their tongs in whisker things. I won’t say what the spoons were up to. All nicely segregated now, though. I will keep my eye on them and see how they’re behaving but won’t have that bunch of nonsense again.

Download here the recipe here:

Chocolate Brownies Recipe - Free PDF

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