Happy stuffs!

It’s my son’s girlfriend’s birthday next week so I’ve made a card and some bubbly jubblies  to go with a pretty present (or two!) for her. I’m really looking forward to meeting her and am hoping that they’ll come over this summer some time.

You’ll recognise the Pure Innocence girl stamp, naturally. The card and envelope were both embossed with my favourite embossing folder – I cannot remember the name of it but if you really want to know, drop me a line and I’ll look it out for you.

I used my sunflower pop-up to decorate the inside of the card: (http://sunflower). Sunflowers are awesome. Fabulous and so aptly named. I grew some from seeds and planted them in the garden just this week. Fingers crossed they all survive and I have my pretty maids all in a row brightening up the hedge at the bottom of the garden in a few months!


Pop-Up Crimble Cottage

Was out shopping yesterday and heard a woman say ‘I don’t believe it! Christmas stuff in the shops already’! I believed it. Christmas has been in all the craft mags since early August. Normally, the intrusion of Christmas during the school holidays and early autumn is ignored, but the woman’s remark sparked off a thought.  When I got home, I checked my work-in-progress folders to see if there were any Christmassy files unfinished.  Yes there were, one being a sweet little pop-up crimble cottage card insert.  Got Illustrator launched and soon had it cut out and folded.

There are a couple of tweaks I want to make before I create the cut-outs to go over the icicles hanging either side off the roof, but they are minor. The pop-up cottage is one side of the card and the words ‘Merry Xmas’ are on the other. I think a sprinkle of glamour dust or spangly sugar snow and it will look very pretty.

I used a couple of brushes from the Photoshop Scandinavian brush set I made last year to dress it up for now:

Think I should be thinking about getting the cake made now…

Byeee for now!

Nellie elephant pop-up

Another template for you. This time it’s for the inside of a card – a pop-up elephant. Brilliant for those ‘Don’t forget to stay in touch’ or ‘I’ll never forget the day’ or I’ll never forget your kindness’ etc! Pop-ups are fun and everybody likes them.

This template includes a button-close envelope and a few topper pieces – a spare elephant you can use on the envelope or other projects and the lovely flower (mandala-like) element you can see in front of the elephant in the picture.

It’s not a fiddly file to fold and you can easily see which are the valley and mountain folds from the picture.

Another picture so you can get a better look at the mat it’s cut out from.

And finally, the button-close envelope:

The back and the front showing the elephant topper:

It’s for sale at €5.00 euro. You will receive the file in your e-mail within 24 hours of payment (through Paypal which will convert your currency to euro). Please note, you will need a cutting machine such as the Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc to cut this file.

Nellie elephant pop up and envelope SVG (€ [price])

Nellie elephant pop up and envelope GSD (€ [price])

Thank you for looking

Love a cuppa

I’m a little teapot

Short and stout

Here’s my handle

Here’s my spout

When the water’s boiling

Hear me shout

Tip me up and pour me out

A sweet little card and button-close envelope for you today. The template includes the teapot-shaped card and a smaller lining ‘card’. It also includes a lid and ziz-zag patterned topper piece and the nesting plaques and heart (seen in the middle of the teapot. There’s also a little tag shaped like a miniature teabag that I’ve dangled from the spout. Of course, you can scale any or all of the pieces up for use as toppers on other projects making it a useful collection of pieces.

On the back is another plaque for you to write your ‘handmade by…’ details

And finally, the button-close envelope:

The template costs €5.00 euro. Please note that you will need a cutting machine such as a Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc to cut this template out. You will receive the file in your e-mail, within 24 hours of payment (via Paypal which will convert your currency to euro).

Teapot card and envelope, €5.00 euro:
Teapot card and envelope SVG (€ [price])

Teapot card and envelope GSD (€ [price])

Thank you for looking

Dracula pop-up card for Halloween

For those of you who like a bit of Halloween fun, here’s a little freebie for you. It’s a pop-up Dracula. He folds up flat in the card – open it up and… WAH! … he’s reaching out to give you a nasty nip! I based him on the template available from Robert Sabuda  – if you follow the link to his Frankenstein you’ll find detailed instructions on how to position and fold the template.


These pix I did with ol’ Frankie will make things clearer:

Off now – feel as though I’ve grown an umbrella extension as an extra limb – hardly stopped raining for the past week.

Register to download:

Dracula pop-up SVG

Dracula pop-up GSD

Many thanks to nyan-nyan of Deviant Art for the bat brushes: http://nyan-nyan.deviantart.com/

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