Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Just showing a simple, cheapy bit of wall art that I made to celebrate the day. The square background is a small canvas – the sort you buy from hobby or art stores for acrylics, etc. The letters are wooden ones I bought from a craft store. You could use chipboard or cut your own from anything you like! Just glued on. I put a couple of picture hooks in the back and – voilà – nice piece of wall art! Maybe will paint the letters with a soft-wash white or light grey but am happy with the simplicity of the effect.

And the object of my desire? (apart from Mr Tree, of course! He is my heart) A circular foot attachment! My Valentine’s present from Mr Tree! This will stitch circles – normal straight stitch AND  decorative stitches! Just take the bobbin plate off and clip the square endy bit in its place. How Spin Me Right Round Baby is that??! I am WOW over this.

Finally, another project on the go… Bought the lightshade from a Charity shop for €2.00. Perfectly clean and excellent condition. I cut out a wild rabble of butterflies (I looked up the collective noun for butterflies and apparently it is ‘rabble’. WTH? Doesn’t sound right!) and glued them on.
I’m actually making a lamp and the base needs some drilling work and is glass based so am a bit nervous…  but I intend filling it with a long string of LED lights and want to hide the wiring.

In the meantime, have a very happy day and enjoy time with the one you love.


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