Cafetieres and tea cosies


This one is a present for a couple moving in together in the next month or so… mostly free-motion to outline the applique shapes with some decorative stitches here and there that came with the machine…

And, finally, only for the moment, mind, an ‘everything cats like’ of a cosy – I saw something similar on the internet and drew the shapes out in Illustrator. I used some Angelina Fibres on the fish – the pic doesn’t show the irridescence too well but it looks so pretty …This one is to keep.

So, as you can see, the craze for making teapot domes and cafetiere cosies has not yet run its course.

Bit like the cough I have at the moment. It’s one of those ‘Hack-hack-hack’ ones. I don’t feel so much ill as tired from the frequent coughing that disturbs my sleep. It’s quite nasty though and to listen to me you’d think I’ve been on forty a day for the last thirty years.  So, taking it easy amd having a HUTH day, today. That’s Homes Under the Hammer, btw.

If the house is a bit quiet I sometimes put the goggly box on to see if there’s anything worth watching and there is ALWAYS a Homes Under the Hammer being shown. The auction room drama is, inevitably, underwhelming and the transformation from dirty dump to rental repay is fairly bog standard. Nice but generally a generic, neutral, characterless magnolia makeover.

I used to like ‘Get the look’ where designer Kathryn Rayward  would help people achieve a particular makeover  – be it art nouveau, art deco, shabby chic, etc, and how ‘definitive’ pieces and other elements  would bring it together. She would demonstrate upholstery techniques, distressing furniture, curtains from bedsheets, etc, so it was interesting from the ‘I could do that’ perspective. Sadly, it seems to have disappeared.

So, left with HUTH where all you get to find out is how much somebody spent and what they did as opposed to how they did it.

Oh – am forgetting the guy who likes to spray everything white, persuade the home owners to at LEAST double the amount they can ‘afford’ to transform their home (eg, cash in pensions, take out loans, extend mortgages, sell the kids, etc) then give them the same look as he gives all of them. Polished stainless steel-fronted kitchen appliances. granite worktops and spotlights.

Or the pinny-wearing twee kitch of our craft -loving vintage queen. We know who that is so no need to name names. Craft-loving with access to all the experts and artisans of various skills from glass blowing, to stained glass window installations,  who give up their time up to share their skills with her.

Yeah. We all have that, don’t we? One-to-one tuition from an expert with all the equipment available brought to your home. I’m lucky if the local arts shop has A3 paper in stock let alone neon sign designers. The show did make me smile once – the time a bee-keeper  told her how he had a call from a very distraught woman because she had a swarm of bees on her bush. I could see it all… ha ha. Our vintage queen was smothering and stifling an urge to laugh out loud so at least she has a good, earthy sense of humour.

Also recorded and watched a documentary about sink holes – they are really f***ing scary. Iain Stewart, a geologist, presented the doc and made it brilliantly compelling. These hell-mouths can open up, sometimes without warning, and swallow everything above in a matter of minutes. People, cars, houses, estates… They are truly terrifying. It would have been easy to turn the programme into a terror-fest yet he kept it scientific, sensitive, educational and above all, totally interesting. My son is coming over in a couple of weeks and if he hasn’t already seen it, he will love it. This is right up his street, thankfully, not in a literal sense.

My hack-hack-hack cough didn’t stop me running off to Ikea on Saturday and buying some lovely fabric then detouring off to Hickeys on the way back for some Wonder Under and other little bits to get stitching up some more cosies.

Yours truly, hack-hack-hack


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