Now it looks extra special!

There we go. I did a bit on this last night and finished this morning.

Very similar to the round x-form posted yesterday except I wasn’t happy that I hadn’t realised that aligning the butterfly wing tips to the bottom of the circle would have made a more stable structure – would have given the form ‘feet’ . This revised (totally redone actually but like anything, when you’ve done it once you know what to do next time) has welded flowers and butterflies topped with more butterflies as before but is extra special with the flourishy curls and swirls around it.  It folds flat for popping into an envelope for posting so that side of things is covered, too!

I cut this with the Cougar, btw – starting to get a bit more confident with the machine now. Still experimenting with embossing so will show results when I’ve done something worth showing! Anyhoo, going to make a few more of these gorgeous pieces – they look fabulous. And assembly is so easy. Will be selling as soon as I’ve converted from Illustrator into the usual suspects! For now, must dash – got a train to catch.

And here comes the sun, too!


For sale in SVG, GSD and Studio formats at €5.00 euro. Payment is via Paypal which will perform all currency conversion for you. When your payment is received you will be notified by email that the file can be downloaded – simply go to the Singing Tree home page and click on the ‘Files You Have Ordered’ link on the right-hand side.

Please note you will need a Craft Robo, Black Cat Cutter, Silhouette, Wishblade, Cameo, etc to be able to open and use the template.

x-formbutterfly card ornate: SVG, GSD & Studio (€ [price])

Thank you for looking


Butterfly Basket (For Sale)

A sweet little basket perfect for Easter, Mother’s Day, a Birthday, a Thank You and lots of other happy occasions. This template cuts from two sheets of A4 but can be rescaled for those of with with a Cameo or Pro. The outer butterfly can be folded and adhered with the wings free to flutter, or, as I have done, tipped at the wing edges with a little glue to adhere to the basket edge to give them a curve. It’s up to you. The handle has a pretty cut out design that completes the whole oh-so-sweet effect. Pop in some pretty bon-bons, a spray of paper or fabric flowers or other  little gift of your choice. Whatever you do, it’s sure to delight the lucky recipient.

The electronic cutting files  (GSD or SVG formats) are for sale at 5.00 euro with payment through Pay Pal (which will handle any currency conversion). You will receive your file via email within 24hours of receiving payment. Please note you will need a cutting machine such as the Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, etc, any machine that can cut GSD or SVG formats, to use the templates. The design remains my property so you cannot sell or share the template but you can sell the paper model.

Butterfly card set

A pretty set of three cards featuring a lovely cut-out butterfly. I’ve added some embossed vellum on one and some translucent, flecked paper from Paperchase to back the butterflies in their frames to finish them off. Add some pretty embellishments and they’re good to go for almost any occasion. Wouldn’t you like to receive one?!

Price: 3.50 euro

Butterfly card set SVG (€ [price]) Butterfly card set GSD (€ [price])

Payment via Paypal. Your file will be sent to you within 24 hours of your payment being received.

Thank you for looking.


Pop-up Butterfly Card insert

In many cultures butterflies are symbolic of the souls of the dead. The chrysalis stage is but a a soul trapped inside a physical body and it is death that gives freedom to the soul and lets it fly free. Butterflies represent transformation, new life and great changes with the freedom to finally be as we are meant to be and give free expression to the soul. In the western world, butterflies also symbolise fun and joy of being.

So thinking of my little ginger man, old and frail when he passed, I hope his spirit is free and he is my little golden tiger again. I keep wondering where he is. Where did he go? Where do any of us go?


The Thread of Life

It brought to mind the three Moirae from Greek mythology. It was believed that the Moirae appeared on the third night following the birth of a child; their purpose was to allocate the length of life for each child. The three were Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos.

Clotho ~ spun the thread of life itself.

Lachesis ~  carried a special measure to determine the length of the thread. This  length was a direct analogue to the life span alloted to the child.

Atropos ~  chose the way in which the child would eventually die and, when that time came, would cut the thread.

I doubt his Noodliness will mind me  sending  my love to Zeus and asking him to look after my ginger man until I pass over – when ever that may be. I leave it to the Moirae.

On a final, philosophical note: Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect. – Chief Seattle


Butterfly pop-up card insert

Now back to butterflies. The pop-up card insert is available for you to buy here. Usual formats, SVG and GSD. Prices are in Euro and converted to your currency by Paypal. The file will be emailed to you as soon as payment is received.


Butterfly pop-up card insert GSD (€ [price]) Butterfly pop-up card insert SVG (€ [price])

Many thanks to Green Eyed Butterfly for the vintage brushes

Butterfly Gatefold Card

Time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. My visitor left on Friday – seemed like only a couple of days previous that we drove to the ferry port… oh well, can look forward to the next time. Still, saying goodbye is always a bit sad and the hanky came out and my nose was a bit pinker by the time we got home again.

My partner cooked dinner last night – it was really, really tasty. Spaghetti Carbonara with a lovely mixed salad of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, olives stuffed with garlic, raw garlic, spring onions, grated carrot and garlic cream cheese (in addition to the squinch of garlic that he fried with the bacon and mushrooms for the carbonara). You can tell we’re big garlic lovers, can’t you?! And he made a fabulous job of serving it. We have some big Denbigh pottery plates, they’re odd wobbly shapes – not round or square,  just wobbly roundish shapes.  They have a big ‘water-coloured’ flower design and with the food on top looked so colourful and fresh and just lovely… a feast for the eyes before I’d even tasted it. We finished it off with a glass of cold pear cider. Beautiful.

My elderly cat (he’s twenty) is not eating very much despite what we try to tempt him with. He’s giving things a sniff and a lick but no real appetite for head-down, arse-up scoffing. He is taking a little of this and that and he’s drinking okay so he doesn’t seem to be ill. And he’s become such a fuss pot. He’s always been affectionate and loved being petted and stroked but he wants to be on my lap all the time and has plenty of energy to jump up and get comfy. The loss of appetite can’t be a good sign though and  I’m sure it is the beginning of the last goodbye and am steeling myself  for the inevitable day …

To think, I never intended to have a cat… he turned up in my front garden as a kitten twenty years ago. It so happened that it was my son’s birthday as well and he thought the kitten was ‘sent’ to him as a present. I explained that somebody had lost him and would be upset and we couldn’t keep him but we’d take care of him until he was claimed. His birthday is just before Christmas and that year it was very cold and the actual  night he turned up was very bitter. I couldn’t leave him out there. I asked the neighbours and put cards up in the two paper shops we lived near to. Tried again after Christmas. Nothing. No response whatever. Of course, we’d fallen in love with the little scatty scrap and the rest is history. I’ve told him that we all wear out and go into a special big sleep where we get new parts and be like new again and to wait for us when he gets there so I know we’ll see him again…

Enough of this talk of goodbyes and sadness. I’m getting a bit teary eyed thinking about it! We should live like butterflies and enjoy our time in the sun! Today I’m posting a butterfly gatefold card. It has the words ‘with love’ cut from the front (the front does close completely though the picture doesn’t show it very clearly). There is a 5mm fold so you can embellish the inside of the card so things don’t get squished. I’ve used my pretty butterfly again and added a couple to cut out as embellishments. It’s delicate and pretty and perfect for all sorts of occasions.

It’s available as GSD and SVG. Prices are in Euro (Paypal will convert your currency).

Download here:


Enjoy the day!

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