Butterfly Fairies

We’re starting to see a few butterflies oodling and doodling about and bringing their fairy prettiness to nature’s party. The weather here has been very changeable but the air smells so sweet after the rain and given us some spectacular rainbows that not having constant sunshine isn’t  such a big deal.

Anyway, seeing the butterflies inspired me to make a sweet, perfect for all occasions, butterfly card. There are two versions – one with the top of the wings joined to make the fold, another where it folds at the side. There is also a separate sheet where the pieces are cut out individually so they can be used as card toppers. I used a plain butterfly shape to cut out in vellum, emboss with Swiss Dots  and place behind the cut out layer. When it stands in the light, the vellum ‘glows’ beautifully, you can see the effect in the picture above.

Prices in euro:

Butterfly Card and Separate Shapes GSD (€ [price])

Butterfly Card and Separate Shapes SVG (€ [price])


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