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**Updated Sat May 12 2012)  to show a card I made for my son’s girlfriend’s birthday. I printed off some text from The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley (see Guttenberg for out of copyright texts), stitched it onto a pretty frame and pretty-patterned cardstock then fixed it onto a card with dimensionals. Some fluttery butterflies and a sentiment and it was very good to go!**

Well hello! How are you? Looking forward to the bank holiday weekend? Always good to have a break from work and have some fun with a lie-in to recover!

The Cougar arrived yesterday tea-time! I have looked at it but not properly unpacked it – with the arrival of my visitors in a few hours from now, it’s really not a good idea for me… but I am itching. Ooh, it’s so tempting and I really can’t stop looking in the box. I’m NOT wishing my visitors away though, far from it, I’m thrilled they’re on their way over and will have a great 10 days or so but OH!

I’d like to give Dawn, from Thyme Graphics, a big shout out for tremendous customer service and to say I am very happy to recommend her online company: www.thymegraphics.co.uk. She supplies lots of Black Cat Cutting machines as well as their consumables and lots of other stuff as well.

On an annoying note, am having big troubles with my washing machine. Am sure it’s got droid rot or computer senility.  It doesn’t seem to understand the programme settings any longer or is just too posh to wash these days. Sometimes it starts… the drum goes round and I hear a gush of water then I go out, come back and take out the washing, very impressed with how paying for extra fast spin paid off cos the clothes are sooo nearly dry… then find a streak of green or blue or whatever gel I’m using to wash with that’s dripped out of the plastic dispenser cap thingybob… never washed the laundry at all. Obviously the gush of water was just stress incontinence at the thought of actually delivering the service it was bought for..

Then sometimes it won’t spin or drain (attention seeking – knows that I have to check the filter and drainage hose and generally pull, tweak, poke, fiddle and faff with it for a while). Or I’ll put it on a wash cycle and it jumps straight to the final spin and the 15 mins (to go) light comes on so I know it’s gone berserk.

Delicates and woolens get chewed  up and spat out like I’ve just offered it solids for the first time.

My parenting skills are not up to the high-maintenance care of this narcissistic monster of a machine. Where did I go wrong?  Not let it stay up so late? Taught it consequences? Time out would never work – would LOVE that. Maybe Fairy has weird E numbers that send it wild?

Way past caring now. Just want to ‘Correct’ the machine in a very Delbert Grady (The Shining)  / Al Pacino kind of way (but deffo not a Julie Andrews kind of way – Fr Ted / rabbit / Tom gag…). It’s beyond a joke now and am ready to punch its lights out.

Yes, it’s out of warranty… repair man finds nothing wrong cos when he’s been called out it’s behaved itself and gone through its routines like a well-rehearsed cheer leader, shaking its pom-poms at him through the glass…

Yeah, well, machine, I don’t know where you end up – landfill or scrap yard but your number is up, lady! Wait and see. Bank holiday madness is nearly upon us and Harvey Norman WILL declare war on prices…

Deep breath. Rant over.

Anyway, I’m posting a pop-up butterfly flower border insert for a card today. It’s for sale in SVG, GSD and Studio format for 5.00 euro. I have included an extra butterfly mat and cut-out topper butterfly for you to use on the front of the card you make or for other projects. The folds aren’t too fiddly and are worth persevering with. I was inspired by a similar card by Marivi (Marivi_10.tripod.com site) but have given it a completely new twist.

Payment is via Paypal and you will be able to download your file when payment has been received (you will be able to click on the ‘Your Order’ button on the right and download it directly to your computer). Please note, you will need a Silhouette, Craft Robo, Cameo, Cougar or other compatible cutting machine to open and cut the template.

Pop-up butterfly flower border card insert SVG (€ [price])

Pop-up butterfly flower border card insert GSD (€ [price])

Pop-up butterfly flower border card insert Studio (€ [price])

Thank you for looking:


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