Butterfly Extravaganza

I made this quickly using a dingbat font  (I think it’s WW Fantasy Fairy font) look closely and you’ll see the fairies in the middle. They’re slightly modified  in that I had to cut off the longest stars or the middle wouldn’t have been left clear.

Butterflies are welded around the outside and topped with swathes of them – they’re on every side. It’s frothy, man! There’s no angle that I’ve managed to get a great shot though – it looks so busy in the pics but IRL it’s just beautiful.  It’s cut from silver Conqueror but, sadly, the photograph doesn’t pick up the sheen and subtle ‘glitter’ in the paper stock.

I haven’t finished with these X-forms yet. It’s lovely they’re so easy, they fold flat and yet can be dressed up like proper little glamour-pusses! Am in love with them, for now! This one does need a little care to cut  as the fingers are delicate but the attention is worth it!

The file is available for €5.00 payable through Paypal. The file will be sent electronically to the Paypal account holder’s e-mail address within 24 hours of payment being received.

You can see the lovely card made by Ema here:


Thank you for looking.

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