My Happy Easter Tablet Cover

And finally, a tablet cover. I got a tablet for Easter and made a cover for it with the inquisitive bunny template. The template was created in Illustrator and I have them saved on different layers in the same file in different sizes. This makes it easy for me to compose the ‘scene’ by placing the actual cut-out template on the fabric and decide which size(s) to use.

The fabric is from my new stash and is full of sweety pinks and cutie pie colours.

Probably my last post until next week so Happy Easter everybody!

Bunny scented pillow

Time to let the bunnies out. It’s nearly Easter and bunnies do what bunnies do and that’s make lots of little bunnies. I’ve been making lots of bunny templates in Illustrator and using them for topping lots of things as appliqué templates. This is a little bunny pillow for a babies’ room.

This smells gorgeous. They all do. More to follow…

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