Love Bunnies

Appliquéd Cushion Cover

Hello again. Nice to see the gardens coming to life with beautiful bursts of colour – daffodils, magnolia trees…. lovely. Easter has been and gone but I’m still having a crush on all things bunny as you can see from the  cushion cover I made from some lovely soft woolen fabric. All Bondawebbed then stitched down. The eyes are French Knots and the tails are pom-poms.  This was my first and measures some 22in x 13in but am planning another and making a larger one so long as I can get a standard cushion filler for the size.


Tablet Case

I also made another tablet case for Himself. The fabric is one of my absolute favourites and I’ve been keeping it safe for some 8 years or so! I would have used it sooner but haven’t been able to find it since I bought it all those years ago and wanted it to be special. As Himself  loves cats as much, if not more, than I do, and loved the material I decided he was worth it!

Heart Garland

Also been making some lovely linen hearts dotted with French Knots for decoration. I’m going to string them together with beads in between for a large willow heart like the one I posted some time ago: here. I have two and wanted some fresh, spring colours to brighten up the kitchen.

Here they are, lined up like pretty maids all in a row.

Two more – these are bigger versions for a different project. I like the way the linen distorts for being stuffed and makes for a quirky, folksy effect.

And a few together in a basket to sit in the sewing room and create a splash of colour.

Sew the things you love

I was asked at the weekend to take up a pair of jeans and use the original seams. Now, I have done it before and can do it but I don’t enjoy it. I will do it for Himself and my boys and their partners but beyond close family I really can’t be arsed.  Nobody wants to pay proper money – all expect mate rates yet it takes time, is boring and not what I learned to sew to do. It’s  not about making money anyway.

I love my sewing time and have to make space for it in  my life. I found a passion in learning to sew after being afraid to do it since I was young. My mum had a ferocious machine that seemed to be ‘On’ or ‘Off’. As soon as my foot touched the pedal it would snatch the material out of my hands and tear away with it like a handbag heist! And so loud it made my ears hurt. And made nests of  the bobbin thread big enough for  crows to live in and then snarl and roar with rage  at having to stop! I don’t ever recall making anything successfully with that devil-possessed machine from hell. All in all, the experience was totally unpleasant and I didn’t touch a machine for many, many years.

Now I have a Janome. It has a range of speeds and is pretty quiet and a wonderful machine to play with. Lots of built-in stitches. It can digitise (if I ever learned to use the software – wish I’d researched what was available at the time and gone with something like Embird). It’s a joy to use. Anyway, learning to sew was a definite decision, a choice I made. It brings me heartfelt  happiness and immense satisfaction.

So I now find I have to turn down requests to turn up, turn down, take in, let out or just make things. My sewing time is special and have learned to say I don’t know how to do the alteration or don’t have the right needles, feet, thread… it’s not like there aren’t any places they can go to for dressmaking and alterations – it’s just the assumption that I can do it almost there and then and for next to nothing.

And that’s another thing, sewing costs money. It isn’t cheaper than buying from the stores. Who can compete with Penneys? For those dressmakers and seamstresses, making clothes is something they can do to fit them perfectly and be like nothing in the shops. And, if not their profession, is their particular passion.

I prefer to sew the things that give me joy and buy everything else. I ask myself now if I really want to sew something just because I can or do I really want to. There are ethnic clothes that I really like that I can’t find in the shops so, yes, I’ll make them. But do I want to make trousers and shirts? Heck, No! I want to make pretty things and unusual things and things that make me happy. So, my Love Bunnies do it for me. And the tablet cases. As will the spring heart garland. As does making things from the heart for the people around me I care about and who appreciate having something made just for them. I make things with a happy heart and keep my sewing special.

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