Office bllocks

Today was  lovely. We went walking on the beach and the sun shone and the sea was blue and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. There was a sale on at our local shoe shop (we have a couple of streets with shops, all local businesses, no big names at all except for one very small supermarket). Anyhoo,  I got a really nice pair of dark red leather flatties that will look good with straight jeans. Half price. Very chuffed. I can’t stand the Walking on Sunshine by Martha Muffet and the Marshmallows or whoever it is but it sprang to mind. Funnily enough, I had two ear worms this whole week. One has the line ‘Sometimes when we touch, the honesty’s too much’  – I have no idea who is responsible for that dreary bit of rubbish but it has been in my head like an attention seeking little grub all week and has been very irritating. The other is ‘A kiss from a Rose’ by Seal which is quite nice but I keep finding myself ‘La la la la la la la-ing’ and that gets irritating too!

I should have been getting on with making a card for Valentine’s day but, following a chat with somebody about Office Speak, got sidetracked… those pithy epithets, aphorisms and appropriations that become senior management  talk and get somehow passed off as meaningful language tickled me.

It got me thinking. I was going to make an accordion card with robots holding hands and hearts for Valentine’s day but changed the idea into corporate office block-type buildings instead….. and why not cut them out of paper that had been  typed up with the usual  bits of conversations that make up a typical office working environment. So that’s what I did. Some are things I’ve laughed at in situ or raised eyebrows and smirked across desks in meeting rooms with others at some piece of lollo rosso rhetoric chucked in for colour and decoration but serving no other useful function.

So, I am giving you the pdf of some fairly typical software department type office speak sprinkled with Dilbert and Gus (Drop the Dead Donkey) dressings with  a pinch of the IT Crowd here and there for good measure. Some you will recognise – isn’t there always a collection or a sponsor me for my favourite charity email?

It’s a bit of fun so I hope you enjoy reading it – including the typos. I printed a sheet of A4 both sides for the card, btw.

I’m also giving you the GSD for the office building card which is quite cool and lends itself nicely for all sorts of occasions.





Many Thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the Fairy ABR

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