Breadbin makeover

Came across a nice wooden breadbin for a couple of euros at a car boot. I already had a breadbin and so SO kept asking what I wanted another one for. At that time I didn’t know but it was going for a song and I knew I could do something with it. Ever the sceptic, SO rolled his eyes but carried it around for me until we went home.

It was in excellent nick but gave it a wash anyway. Sanded off the polish or surface varnish or whatever it was  with an electric sander. Unscrewed the handle at the top. Filled the screw holes  with a smidge of wood filler. I already had the bun feet (actually wooden cupboard door knobs from B & Q. They come in bags of 10 for about €12 – extortionate price when you realise that comes in at €1.20 per knob). Anyway,  plain wood and easy to paint. I used black Rustoleum to give them, the box and lid a nice rich lustre.

The decorative panels are guillotined from a wallpaper swatch and Modge Podged on. It is washable but might still give the box a coating of MP just to make sure it lasts.

On the front panel I made a stencil from an art nouveau design I found on the web. Apparently it is more famous than I thought… – if you are familar with it  you’ll know it is a logo… though I have painted over the name… Anyway, I thought it was beautiful and traced it in Illustrator then converted to an SVG for cutting out in vinyl with the cat. With the stencil in place, I painted it with silver acrylic paint but am not happy with the paint quality so might – probably will- cover with another piece of wallpaper.Especially if I get a Cease and Desist on the use of the logo – though I think the company folded some thirty years ago… could be wrong though.

The lid has a matching wallpaper piece MP’d in place and the decorative knob was screwed in place. The knob owas from a a pack of four from TK Maxx on their clearance shelves.

The bun feet were glued in place with hot glue and it was done.

It lives beside the mantlepiece now and holds my packs of tealights that fit PERFECTLY! I can get packs of 100 for €2.00 from Ike but id only a good deal if I’m going there anyway as it’s a fairly long drive and have to use the toll both ways.When I go, though, I buy a few boxes of their ‘Glimmas’ though so storing them can be a bit of a nuisance. Not any longer. This box holds four boxes with room for matches, etc, on top!

I think it deserves an ‘Amaze Balls’ for the fabulous transformation. See how brilliantly the tealight packs fit?! Total cost about €9.00 euros or so.

Finally, shot of the wallpaper panelling – this is on three sides.

Amaze Balls for sure!

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