Little triangle box

While playing around with print and cut I made up a couple of other little boxes for small Christmas presents. they are fairly dinky  – I’ve posted them beside a Pandora packet to give you some idea of the scale. Thread with ribbon, tie the ends and dangle on the Christmas tree, it’s fun looking for  them come Christmas and in the meantime, with a bit of glitter and/or frou frou ribbon, they look pretty as a picture on the run up to the big day.  I gave the triangle box GSD away on a website some time ago and until recently I’ve always cut from pretty paper or stamped  them.

This time I created the pattern (dingbat printer flourishes converted to PS brushes) and added the text to personalise the gift. PS brushes have settings to control the angle the stamp is set to, as well as flip x or y settings,  so getting the pattern around each of the sides isn’t as difficult as it might look.

I think it’s turned out pretty neat and the contents of the Pandora packet beside it might just end up inside… without giving too much away to Abi!

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