Happy Findings

Was trawling around the charity shops looking for something lovely and found lovely – a London Pottery kitchen set. There’s not a mark or a chip out of them. At first glance I thought  they were Polish  (like this little teapot) but they have the London Pottery logo on their bottoms:

I already have a London Pottery teapot (see here) and it looks as lovely as it did the first day I got it, several years ago. That teapot was bought new from a ‘proper shop’ and cost a few bob but this set cost very little and helped out a charity at the same time so all good.

I also like when the addition of a little something inspires me to make something to go with it so I’m thinking a new tea cosy, except the teapot is red… and is my favourite so it’s not going to get knocked off top spot for my white or chocolate-coloured teapots. Harrumph. I shall think on.


A recent pop to Dublin was, as ever, glorious. I love Dublin. The Liffey was sparkling in the sunshine and the crakey laughing of the seagulls always makes me smile. I went in early to avoid the crowds and have a proper mooch around the shops. There was nothing specific I was after, just hoping to find ‘nice things’. My favourite haunts weren’t inspiring but Hickeys saved the day with some fabulous fabric called ‘Merry Go Round’. There wasn’t much left on the bolt so I took what was there, about a metre and a half, then spotted some bias binding that was the perfect complement to it. A match made in heaven. Or Navan.

Bias Binding

Bias binding challenges me. Some people just stitch it on – oh yes, they make it look that simple. Many a YouTube tutorial consigns me to the ‘remedial’ sewing class. I have sat with my machine, a tablet with Chromecast  running to one side and the video running on a tele on a cupboard on the other. My head swivelled from the vid to the tablet to the telly like a haunted tennis ball. My world was nothing more than a chest of drawers with a telly on top.

But rounded corners, squared corners… I still end up with less than perfect results…. unless I pin, tack then stitch!

So, small projects to let me practise my bias binding techniques, if I can call them ‘techniques’ and raise my grading from ‘ills’ to ‘skills’ is something I like to do.

Riding high on the recent tablet case success, bound with satin bias binding (though pinned, hand tacked and then machine stitched), I made another from the super new material:

See the bias binding? Isn’t it fab?! I picked out some of the flowers with machine stitched metallic threads (Gütermann and Madeira) and stitched on a few pearl beads (that I then ran out of so couldn’t embellish as much as I’d wanted – pah).

The fabric is just juicy though – yes?

Like the button? Bought a few packets of wooden buttons from Aimee Rose (I think that’s the name) in the City West shops. The lining fabric was in my stash and has been in my basket for years. There’s also a layer of batting in between the main and lining fabrics.

The design and colours just splash gloriously like water colour paints.

I’m taking the case to show the ladies at the local Stitch and Knit group. They mostly knit and think hand sewing is the work of the devil but then I think that about knitting – so Balls!

Crochet Bootees

Crochet, though, is something else. I studiously watched, rewound, stopped, played and documented a crochet tutorial on YouTube. She&Ru Christening bootees, parts 1 and 2. (part 1) (part 2)

For some reason, I cannot shape the back nicely! I can do the toe and the DC clusters around the trim beautifully. I have made many things watching along with She&Ru – leaves, snowflakes, flowers, curled hearts, lattice hearts… no trouble (I document all of them as well). But these bootees are sending me bats. Am very confubbled. .

I have no nefarious agenda for the pattern – I just want to make them. If you have mastered these little bobby dazzlers and have the pattern down pat would you share – privately? PM me please – thanks in advance. I am willing to share my notes…

I also love these little bootees but the commentary is in Russian (Bootees) and the online translation is painful but funny!


So, there we have it. My next project is to write a story about Uisneach, its lore and mythology and perhaps illustrate or at least decorate with typography and layout. Hope the revived Festival of the Fires carries on next May as I will definitely go. (The colours in the fabric made me think of Uisneach, btw).

Anyway, think happy thoughts and bless those around you that might trouble your brow. Mark Twain puts it so much better:

“Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience.”

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