BIA art journal

***Updated Sunday 27th) Me, my Bind It All and sewing machine have been busy lately. I made some nice art journals using 160 gsm, acid-free sketch paper and 6 sheets of 300 gsm (each), water colour papers. They’re just shy of A5 and nicely filled with 30 sheets of paper in total. The front and back are made from mountboard covered with papers I created by printing text from The Water Babies onto A3 paper (took two sheets) and removing various invisible characters, eg, the carriage return characters or Pilcrows, to use the technical term for them. That was done with Indesign and, off the top of my head, I don’t know how to do that in other packages. I know Quark Xpress will let you do that easily so am guessing lots of others do, too.

Then it was over to the BIA and the holes were punched and the books were bound etc. To finish the birdie one off, I stitched an applique bird from some fabric I bought recently (made the graphics tablet cover posted here recently from it) onto some pure cream cotton. A good stitch density but still very soft. The piece was stitched onto some wadding and hot glued to the front cover. I love that the books are my own work and are just lovely for sketching and painting. The stitching below is a work-in-progress and will cover the next one (already being prepared). I haven’t snipped the little cotton tails off but you can see how it’s shaping up. Still haven’t finished this one but have the covers and inner pages ready so shouldn’t take long! (We’ll see).

Off to enjoy the sun that’s still gorgeous and warm here! Maybe a glass of wine in the garden later after the potted plants have been watered. A gentle way to relax after a busy day.

**** I have written up the instructions for how I made my journal in PSF format. It’s free  – just leave a comment and I’ll e-mail it to you straight away. *****

Hugs, Hels

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