Foldy card



Finally ready for sale! It’s avaialable in GSD, Studio and SVG formats. You will get the folding card template with all the panel toppers including the paper lace strips (all measured to fit perfectly), ‘Love’ in welded letters, butterflies, bluebirds, leaves, flowers…lots.

It’s €3.50 and payment will be made through Paypal which will perform any currency conversion for you.  When your payment is received you can download your template electronically via the link on the right-hand side of the home page; the ‘Your Orders’ link.

Please note that you will need a Craft Robo, Silhouette, Cameo, Black Cat cutter, or other compatible cutting machine to use the files.

You can get the card and toppers here: Foldy card with panels and toppers: SVG, GSD & Studio

Foldy card with panels and toppers: SVG, GSD & Studio (€ [price])


Not quite ready to be put up for sale. Need to make some mods to tidy up a few loose ends and align some odd elements here and there. But it’s nearly ready and posting will prompt me to get on and finish it. If I don’t, I’ll forget about it and move on to something else. As fickle, fey and flutter-bye brained as some of the embellishments on the card. Just the way I am. It’s turned out pretty nice so far so I know it’s worth just spending a little more time to make it as sweet as a cherry so will t-r-y to post the finished file, finessed and fabulous really soon.

I just checked the progress of the Cougar and it’s now in Dublin! I’m about an hour away so if they can load it up tonight and get it to the local PO it will be on a van to me by tomorrow afternoon. Doubt I’ll do a lot with the card until it comes – will deffo be on curtain flapping duty waiting for An Post or one of the other commercial carriers to turn up with it. Then the Cougar will demand total attention. Can’t leave kitty in the box! That would just be cruel.You see the conflict of interest here!

Friday we have visitors coming for the week so that will be a day of getting fresh flowers and finding lots of unnecessary things to do (sweeping bits here and there to create an illusion of cleanliness – harr) to make sure the house looks presentable, and more importantly, smells fresh and clean.

So there are some major road blocks that will hold me up (or stop me completely) … Anyway, just for a bit of detail, the card has five back panels and two front flaps. A few alternating valley-mountain-valley folds to give it some dimensional interest and then lots of toppers… butterflies, flowers, paper lacy strips and blue birds. It’s similar to the popular tri-shutter cards but is slightly different, – it’s a twist on that design. The prototype looks very pretty so am confident the final version will be good and sweet.

Hope to post the file soon

Have fun now!


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