There’s a lady who lives close by who grows sunflowers and sells them. It’s a sunny, friendly sight to see when they get big enough to look over the walls and smile at the sun; I imagine it’s a cheery sight for everybody. Bumble bees love them, too, and when I grew them years ago I remember bees making long stops at these big sunny flowers.

One of my current visitors likes a smoke and sits in the conservatory doorway to have a fag here and there and I sometimes sit in there with him and chat. We were in there when a huge bumbly flew in! Don’t know if it was a queen or not but it was big! It’s not a rare occurence so I keep a big fluffy fibre duster on a stick – like a feather duster – and  gently get the bee to climb on then hold it outside so they can fly away.

They work hard and their work is important –  what is the dire warning? Without bees…  ‘without pollenation, food supplies would rapidly dwindle, and the human race along with most life would end rapidly…likely in less than 3 years. (Wikipedia).  Anyway, treat them kindly.

Popping in, popping out and popping up is a bit of a theme in my life at the moment and so pop-up cards are still keeping me interested! I was thinking of making a cake card for my son’s girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow. I was very taken by one on Craftster by CPeep, her Pop-up wedding cake card (which would work perfectly as a birthday cake too): She is generously giving the templates away for the straight and wavy sided templates here:

It’s bookmarked and I’ll make on later this month for another birthday that’s coming up – they are both lovely.

Anyway, am posting a pop-up card insert for sale. It was inspired by the talented Tracy Chong, see hers here:

Mine features a pretty cut out pattern at one end and the sunflower pop-up elements at the other end. It’s straightforward to fold and assemble and looks summery and bright against a contrasting background.

It’s €3.00 and available in SVG, GSD and Studio formats. You will need an appropriate cutting machine, eg, Craft Robo, Cameo, Silhouette, Black Cat cutter, etc to use the template.

When your payment is received you will be notified and you can download the file by clicking on the ‘Your Orders’ link on the right-hand side of the home page.

Sunflower pop-up card insert: SVG, GSD & Studio (€ [price])

Thank you so much for looking.

Hels x

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