Bind It All with brads and blings and doodle things

Okay. One brad. No bling and a bit light on the doodle things.

This week I’ve been spending time in the attic room, shut away like some mad aunt in a Victorian novel, doodling, sewing, stamping and even using the Bind It All which I’ve had for a couple of years but rarely give time of day.

Feeling bored I tackled the matter of some pages for a BIA book I made ….. over a year ago.
I started by using the hard covers from some posh water colour pads I had. They were guillotined down and covered with papers I had stamped with ruffly butterflies. I never remember or take much notice of the brands or names of stamps but you’ll probably recognise them.

Stage two was the creation of the inner pockets. They were folded over, stitched down the sides and stamped.

The tags were first created in Illustrator and I used the Offset Path function to create a smaller inner copy. These were cut out using my Crafty Robot, whose precision eye and cutting accuracy surpasses mine a little bit. Ahem. Slight understatement  there. The smaller tag was stitched onto the larger one. I used ribbon  through the tops of the tags to make them easier to pull out from the pockets.

I used the fancy H, drawn using Illustrator and used on the making bubbles tutorial image and other things on my blog, on another tag and stuck on with dimensionals (is that what they’re called?).

Some blank, lined and squared paper (my favourite – reminds me of doing tens and units…) were added in between pockets.

Then the BIA tool punched the binding holes and squished the wires through to make the book.

My lovely assistant Fred the Ted can be seen here showing the cover of the BIA book. For those offended by nudity, please don’t look. Fred never wears clothes and enjoys sitting under an open window on sunny days feeling the breeze on his fur.

And here is a look at a couple of inner pages:

He was modest enough to cover himself for the photoshoot. But let’s just say he has an all over tan.

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