Lazy Sunday Afternoon


Having a lovely loungy Sunday. It’s a jammie day – which reminds of an e-card I saw recently:

I live in my pyjamas unless I’m going somewhere or I know someone is about to come over to my house. Even then, it’s iffy. In our house we call pyjamas ‘jammies’ or, more usually, ‘Smegs’ after Lister in Red Dwarf.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

Am delighted to report that progress with the bedside cabinets is finally being made! Remember the knobs I bought a month or so ago? See here:


They’re on! The cabinets just need another coat of paint each and the door of the second one needs putting back on but they’re nearly ready to live in the bedroom.

We bought the pair of cabinets at an auction. They are solid oak (I think), fairly old and beautifully ornate. Originally, they were that dark, dark brown colour that just eats light like a black hole. Far too dismal for me. Now, they’re sanded and painted with an off-white eggshell to give them some reflective properties but not shiny shiny like boots of leather.

To be honest, me and Mr Jones nearly fell out over them at the auction. I wanted them and he didn’t and this caused some squabbling and disgruntlement  but when we got them at €24, the pair, he didn’t mind so much. And, if they had turned out to be a pair of lemons they’d have still been useful down the shed.

Since then, though, he’s worked on them (with nagging  only the breeziest mention in passing) and transformed them into objects of beauty. The knobs are brand new – porcelain – but complement the cabinets a treat. I adore them. Finally, he admitted that he thinks they’re beautiful as well. So, Ode to Joy, happy clappy.

Broken Windows… TV and PC…

This month the telly went ‘fzzz’. It just died. Not that old, either, but, naturally, out of warranty! Meh. Well, had to get a new telly. It’s the law. More disruptive was my PC dying! We found out when something tripped the circuit breakers. Mr Jones did some investigation and by a process of elimination traced it to the PC power supply. Its rating was even higher than it needed to be so no idea why it shorted, or whatever.  In fairness, it was knocking on a bit. Bought it  some eight / nine years ago. The motherboard and the rest of the system are fine so we’ll replace it soonish.

However, very luckily, I had just bought a new laptop as my existing one was getting a bit wheezy. The Display Driver kept failing and recovering causing delays while on the net. It was getting very hot (despite thoroughly giving the vents a vac) and other droid-rot symptoms were becoming ever-more frequently manifest. Definitely a terminal case (Groans at geeky joke).

The new one is an Asus with a quad core processor, 8Gb RAM and a Tb of storage and I’m happy enough with it for the time being. But, it came with Windows 8 so got rid of that by installing Windows 10 – with careful and thorough setting up to disable numerous on-by-default settings configured by Microsoft. Some of them are buried and you’d probably not think to go looking unless tipped off. If you’re interested, there’s a checklist here:

But, Oh, the pain. First the many, many hours of waiting for all the patches and updates to the operating system to be gone through. Like Purgatory. Then the torture of reinstalling all the programmes; setting up e-mail,  digging out passwords, user names, etc, looking for new drivers connecting to printers, scanners and other stuff. Agony! All time consuming, deadly boring and a right pain in the arse.

I’ve also switched off the MS automatic updates (Patches Tuesday?) and will manually give them weekly access just so I can keep an eye on what’s being updated. Read the news, folks, Microsoft are downloading Win 10 prep files  for your machines whether you want to upgrade or not. I don’t want any sneaky re-configuring of the security settings while I’m having forty winks on the sofa!

*** I cannot stop automatic updates! Windows won’t allow that – all I can do is stop automatic reboots***

Outrageously rude! (Shuffles off in angry pants).

I brightened things up by also installing Linux Mint to get  VR ware running my e-mail so it’s separate from Windows altogether. While poking about for drivers and other apps I also found Maelstrom. It’s awesome, a huge time-waster but  fun. Dam Hot, Yeehaa!

Anyway, this month has eaten money very, very rudely.  It has also been a very wet September so far. Cold and damp. I’ve had the heating on lots and today put the garden furniture away in the shed. That’s the end of summer in my book.

I took a few pictures of the garden before the flowers totally die off for the year. It’s still got lots of colour but fading.

Lots of hot pinks and orange but not the riot or carnival of colour it was even a month ago. The hydrangea at the back is one of several. The front garden has three and one of them is really big and looks tremendous, like it’s been Photoshopped, in full bloom.

The apple tree down the bottom is dropping its fruit and wasps are having a party of it down there. The apples are lovely, very sweet and crisp but having to run the gauntlet of wasp attacks is a bit of a nuisance. We’re also getting some bluebottles in the house. They drive me crazy. They’re as big as B52s and buzz like low bombers, usually, around my head. I try to hoosh them out the window but if they don’t go, or the cats don’t get them, I take the brush head off the vacuum cleaner and suck them up the nozzle. I don’t like doing it and would prefer they went free but I’m only human.

Both cats see  big house spiders as fair game as well as flies and I regularly find them knotted up like the little nests of tangled cotton like you get if the sewing machine isn’t threaded up properly. If I spot them first, I give them a quick poke to make them run away and take cover. If the girls see them first, they’re goners.

While taking a few pics I spotted Cat, a lovely boy from down the road, under the Catoniasta (how appropriate!).

Him and Gracie are beastie-bests (like besties but animal besties). They are often out together and when he shows up I know Gracie isn’t far away. Jess isn’t too impressed with him and will hiss him out if she’s got her mardy pants on.

If her mardy pants are a bit tight, she’ll bop him on the head or bottom and chase him out but no worse than that. No nasty fights with claws or teeth. Just hissy fits, thank goodness.  I like him and think he’s a lovely little fella, though, and let him come in for a sleep, a drink of water and maybe the odd tidbit or two. When Jess isn’t around….

Well, time for a nice cup of coffee and a think about what to have for tea. Have a nice day.

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