Things that get on my wick!

Wicker basket, that is! Another glorious hot day. Anything that could be given a wash or freshen up has been and I have absolutely no washing left to do.  Just added a couple of hearts to the drawstring tie on the wicker basket. They make very attractive finishing touches and I delighted with the whole transformation. Lovely, aren’t they?

Talking of transformations – I bought a couple of bedside cabinets at the auction the other week. They were nothing special but were cheap. €5 euro each so cheap as chips. Since then, they have been sanded down, sugar soaped and painted up – now they’re all that with knobs on! Yes, I bought new knobs. Got a big pack of plain wooden ones from B & Q and painted a couple green. I also lined the drawers with a swatch of wallpaper . No picture but a lovely touch (cut them with a guillotine  so they’d be good and straight). I used satin emulsion (the tin says hardwearing and washable – I hope so) and they look rather nice now. The wooden heart was bought from somewhere or other and was originally white but as you can see it got a lick of green as well.

Anyway, the wicker basket lining and the green on the cabinets complement one another very well so will probably end up in the ‘guest bedroom’. So indecisive. Or am I?

My next project involves a length of beautiful wallpaper (from the Laurence Llewelyn Bowen designer range!), some Modge Podge and the top of a dresser. Not much left to guess, is there? We’ve painted a  dark wooden dresser the same colour as the bedside cabinets  – also in the guest bedroom – and want to cover the top with the LLB wallpaper to finish it off. We’re papering one wall as a feature wall and the dresser will be at the opposite end of the room so it would accessorize well and ‘balance’ the room. Will post pictures when it’s done.

Still got the headboard to complete! What are we like?! I think we’re getting tired and need a breather but there are so many things that need two coats or priming, etc, that we need to have lots of things going on in parallel to make the most of the time we have to gussy everything up. But then it can get a bit overwhelming and tiring…

Anyway, my weekend is pretty much mapped out – we always try to make room for some down time and R & R and this weekend we’re off to the lakes in  Blessington if this weather holds out.

Have a great weekend yourself and fingers crossed you’re getting some good weather where you are, too.


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